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Haruka Ayase “Women’s Choice for #1 Ideal Body” in Love

Amidst high expectations for a movie co-starring Kim Tak, actress Haruka Ayase stepped out of a one-box car one late July evening.

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Ayase gets out of the pickup truck and receives her luggage from inside. After this, she went to a cafe-restaurant with a woman who looked like a staff member.

One evening in late July. A car pulled up on a street lined with luxury brand stores facing a park in central Tokyo. The woman who got out of the car was Haruka Ayase, 37, an actress. She was dressed simply in a white T-shirt and loose-fitting black pants.

She joined a woman standing on the sidewalk waiting for her and walked into a French restaurant with a white cloth bag slung over her shoulder, reminiscent of a Parisian café.

Ayase has been called the “queen of viewer ratings,” but “The Testament of My Ex,” her first starring role on Fuji’s Gekkan 9 series, aired in April and received an average viewer rating of 9.1%. The movie “Yes, I Can’t Swim,” co-starring Hiroki Hasegawa (45), which was released in June, also did not generate much buzz. Nevertheless, the recently announced “The 7th Women’s Choice ‘Ideal Body’ Ranking” (see below) showed that the actress has an “ideal body” and “the ideal body” is “a body that is ideal for women. (ORICON NEWS), she was ranked No. 1.

Although the drama “Ex-Boyfriend” did not do well, her commercials for Panasonic, Uniqlo, and other companies continue to be well received. I think there is no other actress who is loved by everyone, regardless of gender, as much as she is. In addition, the naturalness she displays in the variety shows she appears in for her turn, and the friendliness she radiates to her co-stars, have made her well known among the tea party crowd. On the other hand, she is also very down-to-earth, appearing in a war documentary about her hometown of Hiroshima and making annual visits to a festival in Fukushima, where “Yae no Sakura” was set. I think it is fair to say that she is a national actress created by television,” said columnist Tamami Hiyama.

Co-starring with Nobunaga Kimutaku, a new image of Princess Nohime is also in the works.

In January next year, she will appear in the movie “The LEGEND & BUTTERFLY BUTTERFLY” is scheduled to be released in January next year. The film, which will commemorate Toei’s 70th anniversary with a production cost of 2 billion yen, is a major production that will also co-star Takuya Kimura (49). A scene photo of Ayase playing the role of Princess Nohime holding a blade to the throat of Nobunaga Kimura was recently released.

Expectations are high that she will be able to show a different story of Nobunaga and Princess Nohime. What is of interest, then, is her relationship with Korean star Noh Min-woo (36), whom this magazine once reported on a secret date.

“In fact, Noh Min-woo was in Japan this past May. He performed live in Yokohama and Osaka, and there were whispers that Ayase might sneak out to see him. However, in the end, she never showed up, and there is no word of their meeting after that, so it is thought that the relationship is over. She is probably too busy with dramas and movies right now to have time for romance,” said a TV station insider.

She once said that she wanted to get married by the age of 34, but she is already 37. We look forward to seeing her show her new side in Toei’s big movie.

Haruka Ayase’s love affair with “Women’s Choice for Ideal Body No. 1
Haruka Ayase’s love affair with the woman who has the “ideal body” as chosen by women.
Never-before-published photos of Haruka Ayase, the woman who has the “ideal body” as chosen by women in love.

From theSeptember2, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

  • Photo by Sota Shima

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