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Actor Aile Kubozuka Wanting to be an Actor Who Can Blend Into Any Role Just Like His Father

An icon of Generation Z with a father who is a unique actor

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Profile Kubozuka Airu/’03, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. He made his screen debut in 2018. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2020. Currently starring in the drama “Baka Yaro no Kiss” (Nippon TV Saturdays, 14:30~).

He says, “It is easier for me to play roles that are different from who I am than roles that are similar to my personality. It’s more fun to play roles that are completely unknown to me, because I can come up with more and more ideas.”

Aiiru Kubozuka, 18, is an actor who speaks as if searching for the right words one by one. Since his career in show business began in earnest in 2020, he has appeared in high-profile productions such as the drama “Nemesis” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). He has also been featured in various magazines as a model, and a rising young actor.

When I look at my own acting, I am concerned about details such as whether I blink too much. But I think the important thing is how my performance contributes to the work.

Although his face still has an innocent look, his expression turns serious when he talks about acting. In the drama project “Baka Yaro no Kiss” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which is currently airing under the concept of “a shout-out to Generation Z,” he plays a male student in his senior year of high school. He just graduated from high school this March, but in real life as a student he had the opposite personality.

“In the drama, I play a character who calmly stops the antics of his friends, but in real life, I am the type of person who gets stopped by my friends for fooling around too much. I enjoy spending time with my friends more than anything.”

After graduating from high school, he moved to Tokyo. He is a simple 18-year-old who often sings songs from “back number” at karaoke.

He was a member of the track and field club in junior high school, and at the time he aspired to be a track and field athlete. When I cut the finishing tape, the feeling of being announced as ‘1st place, Ai-Ryu Kubozuka’ was the best feeling I ever had.

Kubozuka’s father, Yosuke Kubozuka (43), was a major factor in his decision to become an actor.

At the age of 14, director Toshiaki Toyoda approached me and I was cast in the movie “The Miracle of Crying Shottan”. When I was in high school, I had many classmates who were active as athletes and idols. I was very strongly inspired by them and talked to my father about becoming a full-fledged actor.”

He says that while he puts his trust in his father, he also feels the magnitude of his father’s presence as an actor.

I love and respect my father, but sometimes I feel sorry for the other cast and crew members when I am asked about my father, who should have nothing to do with the film I appeared in. I would like to act with my father someday. I don’t want to do it now because my acting skills are not good enough yet.”

Kubozuka was blonde until just before the interview with this magazine. The reason he chose to wear his hair almost pure white was because of his admiration for a certain actor.

I admire actors who have a unique presence. I liked the aura of Masaki Suda (29) in the movie “The Drowning Knife,” so I chose the same hairstyle.

What is Kubozuka’s ideal image of an actor?

“I want to be a chameleon actor like Mr. Sugata, who can play any kind of role. I have watched “Gokusen” and “Close” since I was a child, so I would like to play those kinds of roles, and I would also like to try my hand at roles such as doctors, who are the complete opposite of yankee actors. I want to lose my own color in a good way. My current goal is to appear in lots of movies!”

Kubozuka is sure to reach even greater heights in the future, and at an accelerated pace.

Unpublished Cuts of Kubozuka Ai-ryu, Actor, Next Generation Star Vol. 15
Kubozuka Ai-ryu, Actor, Next Generation Star Vol. 15
Kubozuka Airyu, Actor, Next Generation Star Vol. 15

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