Aya Ueto Reveals How She Spent Her Summer Vacation in a Beautiful One-Piece Dress | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aya Ueto Reveals How She Spent Her Summer Vacation in a Beautiful One-Piece Dress

Expected Timing of Full-fledged Return to Acting

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Ueto poses with a lever at the new product launch of the soda water brand “Soda Stream” in Tokyo on August 4.

Actress Aya Ueto (36) appeared at the soda maker’s new product launch. Her sleeveless white one-piece dress with a slit at the bust was a cool, summery look.

She said, “On weekends, I always start by washing the pool, and then I take the kids out on the balcony to play in the pool. We jabber and jabber.”

With a gentle smile typical of a mother of two, she talked about how she spends her summers. She would like to take them to the park to play, but the daily heat wave means that they tend to play indoors more often.

Ueto says she always hated summer because she was traumatized by cicadas in her clothes when she was a child. But after she started spending time with her children, she said in a recent interview that she came to like summer because of summer-like events.

Since the birth of her first daughter in 2015, she has been saving her acting work, appearing in only one film a year or so, and is more often seen in commercials and at events. Some say it’s time for her to make a full-fledged comeback as an actress.

“She is not forgotten by the viewers. She doesn’t have to be in a hurry at all. If she gets a big movie or a good offer, she will probably continue to work at her current pace for the time being,” said entertainment reporter Takayuki Shiroshita.

(Entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita) “Motherhood may be her main focus for a while.”

Aya Ueto reveals how she spent her summer vacation at a commercial event.
Aya Ueto’s summer vacation as revealed at a commercial event.

From the September2, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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