Anne Shin Hye’s Post of Her Wearing Cute Above-the-knee Skirt Gathered Praises from Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anne Shin Hye’s Post of Her Wearing Cute Above-the-knee Skirt Gathered Praises from Fans!

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Korean women’s professional golf player Anne Shin-hye, nicknamed the “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting attention for her “too bold white above-the-knee skirt. She revealed it on her Instagram.

Anne looks great in a white above-the-knee skirt and a bright yellow top. Combined with the flowers set around her, she looks like a fairy (from her Instagram @shinaeahn).

Anne published an off-shot from some kind of photo shoot. Posting on the Story of her Instagram, she revealed one shot after another of the photo shoot at the golf course. Among them, the one that thrilled fans was a photo of her in a white miniskirt.

It appears to have been taken between photo shoots, with Ann sitting on a chair and her hair being fixed by a hair-makeup artist. Anne is wearing a yellow sweatshirt with a collar. It is a little autumnal. The gold hairpin that she wears in her hair is very attractive. The word “SHINAE” is written on the hairpin.

Anne stayed in the U.S. intermittently from April to July to improve her fitness. In April, she played golf at the prestigious Fallen Oak Golf Club in Mississippi and watched the final of the Masters, an international men’s major, at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

In June, she posted photos of herself playing golf at Sheep Ranch in Oregon and Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Coast, California. She also posted pictures of herself relaxing in Palm Springs between training sessions, much to the excitement of her fans.

Is it time for her to return to competition? Fans are happy for what is happening to her now, but I wondering if her training is going well after putting in so much filming work like this.

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