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Natsuna’s aura blossoms even more after marriage

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After the shooting in Shibuya, we went to the pickup truck. Natsuna is wearing what appears to be the “mushroom t-shirt” favored by the main character in the film.

On August 10, with the Tokyo Olympics still lingering in the air, a top-secret location shooting was taking place in Tokyo. The setting was a dining bar. A group of what looked like extras and the film crew arrived at the scene a little after 8:00 a.m. and left the restaurant by 10:30. The last person to come out of the restaurant was actress Natsuna (32). It was extremely hot that day, exceeding 30 degrees Celsius from the morning, but she soothed the people around her with her smile.

She was probably filming for the new series of Fuji TV’s drama “Suite Revenge. Natsuna gives a good performance as the main character who has two faces: one is a shy, shady woman and the other is the president of a love revenge agency who makes men fall in love with her and then discards them. The drama was originally broadcast on the video streaming service “FOD”, but it was so well received by young female viewers that the decision was made to broadcast it on terrestrial broadcasting and produce a sequel.

The drama is very dense, but that is why Natsuna shines in it,” says a broadcast writer.

When she was the heroine of the morning drama “Jun to Ai,” she was troubled by scriptwriter Kazuhiko Yugawa’s criticism and low viewer ratings. She also does cosplay with gusto, has good commentary skills, and even though she’s the heroine of the morning drama, she’s willing to take on cheap jobs, which makes her extremely popular with the staff. She has a strong heart, can do comedy, and her name recognition has increased, so she is getting more offers for dramas.

She knows what she is doing, and although she just got married in January this year, she is refreshing herself by drinking her favorite drink with her husband and pushing forward with filming.

After a setback, she has reached maturity.

A cut from the magazine Natsuna: Newlyweds don’t rest! A Rising Actress Reaches Maturity

From the September 3, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Ryu Yoshino

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