Atsushi Tamura: “Adulterous Ms. Arrival” receives a flood of criticism and is upset, resulting in a change of plan. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Atsushi Tamura: “Adulterous Ms. Arrival” receives a flood of criticism and is upset, resulting in a change of plan.

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Atsushi Tamura is “upset” by criticism on the Internet. He was so confident about his social networking measures that he even has a cell phone for his antisocial activities…

New project: Welcome Mr. Adultery ♡ This is a section where we listen to the stories of people who are currently having an affair and find out what the hell adultery is all about. This is a corner to explore deeply what is infidelity. I’m looking for people who can tell me about their ongoing affairs!

Atsushi Tamura of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” announced that he is looking for “people who are having an affair” for a project on his YouTube channel. The image shows a woman sitting through a “frosted glass” and Jun posing as if he were Bunsha Katsura, the former MC of “Welcome Newlyweds” (TV Asahi). (Bunshi Katsura, the former MC of “Newlywed” (TV Asahi)), and Jun in a pose, seemingly in high spirits about the new project.

However, Twitter users were not happy about this.

“Please tell us the purpose of the program so that the distribution does not offend public order and morals.

Have you ever had an affair? Have you ever had an affair? I wish you would think a little more about this project.

It’s seriously impossible. I know someone who committed suicide because of an affair. There are things that can be made into a story and things that can’t, right?

Criticisms like these poured in.

Jun then “hit back” at the user who sent in the objection. He said that the user’s icon used an image and name of a famous anime, and that the user’s name and account name should be changed to “I’m not going to do that.

First of all, do you have permission to use the account name and the account image? We’ll start with that.

Jun also posted a link regarding copyrights.

In response to Jun’s retort, another user wrote

Then, if the same question was asked by a permitted account, would you answer it properly? It’s a child’s quarrel.

Another user commented, “So, if a permitted account asked the same question, would you answer it properly? The user later revealed that he had received a DM from Jun with an image.

《An even more junior guy who can’t keep quiet about that kid’s fight and walks in…

The DM was clearly inciting in a tone that made fun of the general public. Then another user who had received a DM from Jun disclosed the exchange.

Jun probably didn’t like that I was being stingy with his adultery project. So he tried to counter by shifting the subject and being stingy with icons and usernames.

He also said on TV that he has a cell phone just for talking to the “anti’s” and that “the anti’s are all my friends.

It is surprising that he was sending DMs behind the scenes to make fun of ordinary people. On TV, he acted like a man with deep pockets, but when he voiced his opinion on the affair project, he was blocked, and several people posted pictures of him.

For example, a user who commented, “Adultery is a bad thing; it should not be glorified.

For example, a user who commented, “Adultery is bad, don’t glorify it,” was blocked. I don’t like atsushi Tamura #Adultery.

He reported with an image of the blocked image.

Jun Tamura then reported that he had received so much criticism that he thought it was a bad idea.

I want you to listen to the opinions of not only the adulterers but also the adulteresses! He suggested in a very polite way, “I want to hear the opinions of the adulterer as well as the adulteress! I like your polite words. I certainly do! so I immediately created a form to accept the proposal.”

It seems that the project will be changed to a project that listens to both sides as When he wrote, “I like your polite words,” he may have been hurt by the harsh words from the public.

Unlike television, which uses the public airwaves, you can watch YouTube if you don’t want to. However, many people may be seeking the “responsibility of transmission” because of Jun’s strong influence….

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