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Masami Nagasawa’s “New Frontier” as a Female TV Announcer

Masami Nagasawa's first starring drama in four and a half years will be a socially-conscious entertainment work

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Nagasawa sits on a bench by the river while filming a scene where he talks with Atsushi Goh. Surrounded by a large number of staff members, the scene was filled with a sense of tension.

Nagasawa said, “It’s been 11 years since I worked with director Hitoshi Oneda on the movie “Moteki,” but we are in perfect harmony. I can feel her growth and the trust that director Oneda has in her performance.

A source in the entertainment industry said this about Masami Nagasawa (35), an actress. She is currently in the middle of filming for the drama “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (Fuji TV), which will start in October.

I witnessed the location shooting along the river in Harumi (Chuo Ward) in early August. The scene being filmed was one in which Nagasawa and Maeda Godon (22) were sitting on a bench talking to each other. While waiting, Nagasawa was chatting and laughing with the staff, showing no signs of being battered by the heat.

In this film, she plays a female TV announcer who was once immensely popular but has fallen due to a scandal. In this social entertainment drama, she and a young director, played by Atsushi Goh, are on the hunt for the truth behind a serial murder case that has resulted in the death penalty.

She says, “Don’t get used to it. Since entering her thirties, she has been able to play a wide range of roles, from a doomed “toxic parent” to a comedic “con artist. She has relaxed her shoulders, her acting and her way of life have become more natural and simple, and I think she has become more approachable than before,” says Masako Hasegawa, an entertainment reporter.

It is likely that Nagasawa’s new charm will blossom in this film.

Masami Nagasawa breaks new ground in her role as a female TV announcer

From the September 2, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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