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Tearful Explanation for Her Inappropriate Behavior — Finnish Prime Minister’s Sexy Dance Photos Leaked

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Prime Minister Marin tearfully defends herslef on August 24 (Image: AP/Afro)

“I am also a human being…”

She continued with tears in her eyes and a tremor in her voice as she opened with this.

“In the darkness, sometimes I miss the brightness, the fun. I want you to see what kind of work I do, not what I do in my private time. I have never skipped a day of work.”

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (36), who became prime minister in December 2019 at the age of 34, is the youngest prime minister in the world. She is very popular, especially among young people, and attracted attention when she officially applied to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in May of this year. Why was such a young female prime minister forced to give a tearful explanation?

She wiggles her hips violently and …

Leaked video of Prime Minister Marin’s sexy dancing (some images have been doctored)

A video of a party that Marin held at her private home was leaked on social networking sites. The content of the video is so extreme that it has been increasingly criticized as inappropriate, especially by the opposition parties.

The video was shot several weeks ago. The video is indeed extreme. Marin, dressed in a black camisole, wiggles her hips violently while loud music plays in the background. In some scenes, she is in close contact with the participants and poses with her armpits exposed for the camera. In one scene, she poses with her armpits exposed to the camera, and words like “cocaine” are heard.

Immediately after the video was leaked, Mr. Marin explained, “I drank alcohol but did not use illegal drugs. When the opposition demanded a drug test, she took one at her own expense, and on August 22, she announced that she had tested negative.

However, the furor did not stop there, and on August 23, new problematic photos were leaked. A new photo was leaked showing two women with their upper bodies exposed, covering their breasts with a board with the word “Finland” written on it, and kissing.

The two women are friends of Malin and were apparently photographed after a music event held in July. The location was the official residence of the prime minister. Malin admitted the truth and apologized, saying that such a picture should not have been taken at her official residence.

The Finnish public has a variety of opinions about the incident. While some have defended the prime minister, saying that even a prime minister has the right to enjoy leisure time on holidays, others have criticized her, saying that she lacks decency as a head of state and that she should concentrate on the situation in Russia and measures to prevent price hikes. The scandal erupted against a young female prime minister. The Finnish media is pointing out the possibility that more videos and photos may be leaked.

Leaked video of Prime Minister Malin sexy dancing (some images have been edited)
Leaked Sexy Dance Video of Prime Minister Malin
Inappropriate photos of Prime Minister Marin taken at his official residence and leaked on the Internet (some images have been edited)
  • Photo AP/Afro

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