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Peco and Ryuchiru’s Divorced but Still a Family Unconventional Set-up

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In December 2016, dressed in colorful coordinates, Peco and Ryuichiro were headed to a supermarket in Minami Aoyama. A few days after this, they register their marriage.

On August 26, Ryuchell (Ryuchiel, 26) and Peco (Peco, 27) officially divorced, their agency confirmed.

The day before, RYUCHIHELL updated his Instagram and wrote, “There is something I want to tell you about our family.”

We have talked about our future together, and from now on, we will spend our lives together as a family, not as “husband” and “wife,” but as life partners and as parents of our irreplaceable son and of course, we will continue to live as a family.

Peco also posted on her Instagram.

For me, Ryuchiru was the best boyfriend no matter what anyone says, the best husband, the best father of my son, and he is like a brother, a friend, and sometimes a mother, but first and foremost, I love Ryuchiru just as he is.

I love Ryuchiru first and foremost as a person.

“The two have been famous among young people since around 2014 for their flamboyant 80s-style outfits. In September 2015, they became popular celebrities when they appeared on “Matrix no takeru houhou shoukou sousho” (Nippon TV). Their fame rose dramatically after Ryuchiru’s exquisite dialogue with the host, Akashiya Sanma (67). Ritsueru got his big break with his character “Prince of Chiru Chiru Land,” and was ranked fourth in the “Breaking Talent” category for the first half of 2016,” said a variety show production official.

The magazine first caught a shot of the two in October 2016, when they were both extremely busy. At the time, the couple was living together in an apartment in central Tokyo, and they were extremely busy that day. They took a cab that picked them up at 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the event venue in front of Omiya Station in Saitama City; they left the venue a little after 3 p.m. and took a cab straight home. Peco went into her apartment carrying a large cardboard box containing many gifts she received from fans at the event.

Two months later, I found the two in a running cab again. They were in the back seat, face to face, peering into the screen of a smartphone. The cab stopped in Minami-Aoyama (Minato-ku) and went to a high-end supermarket. Soon after, Peco got out first and got into the waiting cab, and later, Ryuchiru appeared with a bulging plastic bag in his hand. Their first child, a boy, was born in July 2018, and since then the three of them have been well-known in the neighborhood for their smiling faces as they relax in the park.

Although they are no longer legally a married couple, they will continue to live together as a family. They will continue to show their fans a new family form that is not bound by conventional concepts.

In October 2016, the couple returned home from an event. Peco’s surprised expression was impressive, perhaps because of the large number of gifts he received from fans.
  • PHOTO Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima

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