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Mr. Gershey “resumes exposé in online salon” sounds from the entertainment industry.

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Mr. Garcie has risen from an exposé-style YouTube star to a member of the House of Councilors. He has also opened an online salon for 3,980 yen per month… (from his official channel)

On August 23, House of Councillors member Gyasi (Yoshikazu Azumaya), who seemed to have lost his way after his YouTube account was banned (frozen), established the “GASYLE” online salon for a monthly fee of 3,980 yen. Of the “47 Revelations” that he promised to reveal in his election campaign, he “revealed” four of them with his real name.

Although he is now a member of the National Diet, he is very enthusiastic, asserting that he will continue to “expose” entertainers, business people, and politicians. He has made many statements that could be considered libelous, and this is believed to be one of the reasons he was banned from his YouTube channel. He seems to be very careful about what he says because of this.

The absence of a “barking garcinia” means that the Internet is not as lively as it used to be, but the media still pays attention to Mr. Azumaya because he is in the news as soon as he says something or makes a topic of conversation.

What do people in the entertainment industry think of Mr. Azumaya? We asked a senior executive at a major entertainment agency.

He said, “We at the entertainment agencies do not welcome people like him who are called ‘attendants’ (people who introduce women to entertainers). To put it bluntly, they are an unwelcome presence.

They are often referred to as “tanimachi,” but tanimachi are free of charge and basically do not ask for anything in return. They are people who think that spending money to support and care for others is their status. It’s like a rich person’s pastime, and you have to be a big time tycoon to do it.”

The existence of attendants has long been well known in the entertainment industry. However, it was not until Higashitani came on the scene that their existence became public knowledge outside of the entertainment industry.

There were certainly well-known attendants in the Roppongi area, and they specialized in different fields, such as college girls, models, celebrities, and female office workers,” he said. Originally, I think they were more interested in “pimping” girls to rich people with money, such as advertising agency executives, TV station producers, and venture CEOs, rather than celebrities, so that they could get their own jobs.

Eventually, when they became connected with celebrities, they began to use them as “bait” to attract girls. Young celebrities are in the prime of their lives and want to have fun, so I understand how they feel. However, if they were introduced to girls by such attendants and played with them, they could get into trouble, or even be set up and sold to the weekly newspapers. In fact, there have been several cases, and as in this case, many things can be exposed.

For this reason, entertainment agencies instruct their talent not to associate with attendants. The talent agencies are becoming more and more vigilant and are being stricter than ever before because of Mr. Azumaya’s revelations, but even so, it seems that the number of talent who associate with them without telling the agencies will not disappear.

On the other hand, there are also people in the entertainment business who appreciate Mr. Higashitani, although they say that attendants are not welcome.

What is great about Mr. Gurnsey is that, as he says, he has a wide variety and large number of girls on hand. He says that if you call a meeting at any time of the day, a quarter of them will come running to him.

If it is true that he was able to attend to such extremely popular people as Go Ayano, Takayuki Yamada, and Taka from “One Okay Rock,” and that they became friends, then not just anyone can do it. It would be difficult even for someone from an entertainment agency. The most important reason why he was trusted by the big names was the high level of girls he was able to introduce to them. He was also able to “take them home” without fail, and he kept them in the strictest confidence,” said a well-established entertainment professional manager.

Those involved in the entertainment industry are unanimous in saying that Azumaya’s skills as an attendant are unparalleled. And if he had not been “exposed,” he would have been able to work again as a talented attendant.

That is why the manager of a long-established entertainment business is concerned that his YouTube channel may be the death knell for him.

He said that he exposed himself because he could not tolerate people cutting off contact with him or leaving him when he was in a bad position, but there were people who continued their relationships with him unchanged, so he should have kept his secret.

I think he should have kept the secret. That is the “honor” of people involved in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has long been driven by the principle of honor and respect. Times have changed, but it has not yet disappeared. It can be said that Mr. Gershie has lost his sense of humanity.

In fact, according to Mr. Azumaya, there was a movement to get him to shut his mouth. As written in his book, “Dying is Better” (Gentosha), a Filipino hitman hired for a 300 million yen “punishment fee” came to Dubai, where Gershie was living. Gershie, sensing that he was in danger, made the first move and gave the hitman a “story” equivalent to the amount of money that would allow him to live comfortably in the Philippines for the rest of his life.

However, it is true that there are those who doubt the veracity of this story. A senior official of a designated crime syndicate headquartered in Tokyo, upon hearing the story, said, “A professional hitman can make a profit of 300 million yen.

If a professional hitman accepts a job for as much as 300 million yen, I can only assume that he will definitely do his job. It would be understandable if he had given them 300 million yen and then turned himself in, but to give them a “talking point” that would bring in money and have them leave, it’s hard to believe. I can’t believe it.

Aside from the hitman, there is no doubt that people who want to silence Mr. Azumaya are working behind the scenes, as there are people in the entertainment industry who have come to this gang leader for advice on “measures against Garcie.

Although he has finally made his pledge to expose politicians, it is difficult to say that it has become a major topic of conversation since it is being conducted in a closed online salon. On the contrary, being a member of the Diet has often led to attacks that were not there before.

‘Becoming a representative of the people has brought Mr. Gershey to the attention of people who didn’t know him before. People are watching his every move. Naturally, there will be times when he will be criticized.

I have heard that the NHK Party, to which he belongs, is also receiving a lot of criticism, and that Takashi Tachibana, leader of the NHK Party, is lamenting that he cannot protect Gershie at this point.

Mr. Azumaya is likely to face even stronger headwinds in the future. Although he has said that he will make his online salon’s revelations available to the general public on social networking sites such as TikTok and Instagram at a later date, some have asked if he will charge money for the salon to carry out his pledge. Will he be able to bounce back against the headwinds? ……

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