Sniffing underarms, ripping off underwear… The reality of the rumored suspension of Teruyuki Kagawa | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sniffing underarms, ripping off underwear… The reality of the rumored suspension of Teruyuki Kagawa

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The ratings man who has appeared in a number of popular dramas is in a tight spot due to his own blunder.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, worry, and heartache I have caused you all by my personal affair with some of the weekly magazine reports.

Teruyuki Kagawa, 56, bowed deeply as he began his speech on “THE TIME,” a TBS program broadcast on August 26. The August 25 edition of “Shukan Shincho” reported that Kagawa had “sexually assaulted” a hostess at a club in Ginza.

The damage occurred in July 2019. Kagawa visited a certain club in Ginza with some acquaintances. At first he was drinking quietly, but gradually he started acting strangely, and he put his hand into the hostess’s dress, touched her armpit, and sniffed her. Eventually, he ripped off the hostess’s bra, squeezed her breasts, and even kissed her. We also learned that the hostess had developed PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder),” said an entertainment writer.

In May 2020, the female victim filed a lawsuit against the club’s mama for damages on the grounds that she failed to stop Kagawa’s outburst. The woman has already withdrawn her lawsuit and has reached a settlement with Kagawa himself, but the impact on her future entertainment activities is inevitable.

The woman has already reached a settlement with Kagawa herself, but her future entertainment activities will inevitably be affected. (NHK) have announced that they will continue broadcasting. In particular, the ratings for “Roppongi Class” have been climbing since Kagawa appeared as the nemesis of the main character, Takeuchi Ryoma (29). In the latest episode, episode 8, the average household rating finally reached 10.0%. The ratings reached the double-digit mark.

Kagawa is a sought-after figure in the industry as a ratings man, but there are of course repercussions. The biggest concern is TV commercials. While it is not so easy to drop an on-air program, commercials can be cancelled more easily than programs, and if even one is suspended, others may start following suit. If that happens, there is of course a possibility that he will be forced to drop the program and suspend his activities,” said a source at an entertainment agency.

His agency acknowledged, “It is true that he has caused discomfort to the woman in question due to his own negligence,” and added, “It is all his own fault. The agency also issued an apology, stating, “It is a matter of deep regret that we have once again caused discomfort to the other party through the news report. The uproar is not likely to subside for some time, as the actor is one of the biggest names in the industry.

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