The “Chimu-Don” that has received a lot of criticism…Still, Yuna Kuroshima’s special situation that people don’t hate her. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Chimu-Don” that has received a lot of criticism…Still, Yuna Kuroshima’s special situation that people don’t hate her.

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Yuna Kuroshima and Kengo Kora, who is also reported to have broken up; photo taken in June 2008.

NHK’s morning drama “Chimu Dodan” is gaining more and more anti-fans.

The story is about Nobuko Higa (Yuna Kuroshima, 25), the main character, who hails from Okinawa and moves to Tokyo to become a chef. The story depicts how she overcomes various hardships, opens an Okinawan restaurant in Tokyo, and carves out a life for herself.

However, Nobuko has a very bad reputation. She is a woman who has a bad reputation. She has been unfaithful to her childhood friend who is in love with her, saying that it is not love, but friendship; she has stolen her friend’s fiancé; she delivers lunch boxes every day to the mother of the man who opposes her marriage, and asks, “Are we doing something wrong? or saying ……. Anyway, he’s so self-absorbed!” The comments on the Internet have been wildly violent, saying, “I’m so frustrated because he hasn’t grown up.

What is interesting, however, is that the ratings are rising in proportion to the amount of flames. In the middle of the season, the ratings were hovering around the 14-15% range, but towards the end of the season, when Nobuko’s self-centeredness has increased, the ratings have been hitting the 16% range more often than not. It can be said that the number of anti-fans is increasing completely.

The “#ChimuDon’t Reflect.”

An entertainment writer familiar with morning dramas commented on this phenomenon as follows.

I think this is thanks to Yuna Kuroshima, who plays the lead role. I think this is thanks to Yuna Kuroshima, who plays the lead role, because there have been very few people who say they dislike Ms. Kuroshima in contrast to the level of dislike for Nobuko. Nobuko pisses me off, but I don’t hate Yuna Kuroshima. I guess that’s why everyone is able to continue to watch the show for what it’s worth.

In the past, in the morning dramas, if the role was disliked, the actress playing it was often disliked as well. For example, Tao Tsuchiya in “Mare” (’15) was criticized for being inconsistent in her dream, and Natsuna in “Jun to Ai” (’12) was criticized for her eccentric protagonist who was “unwatchable. In Ms. Kuroshima’s case, however, many people are more concerned that “Nobuko might damage her image as well. In fact, there are many people who are worried that “Chimu Doton” will be a hit.

In fact, the criticism of “Chimu Dodon” is focused not on Kuroshima but on Daisuke Habara, who wrote the script, and an account called “#Chimu Dodon reflection meeting” has been set up on Twitter, where complaints about the story structure are being written day after day.

But why is Yuna Kuroshima so unlikable? We were more interested in this question, so we interviewed people familiar with the entertainment industry. The two reasons that emerged from these interviews can be found at …….

I think it’s because Kuroshima himself is not a self-centered person like Nobuko. I don’t mean to put it this way, but Tao Tsuchiya’s later behavior on variety shows and other things made her unpopular with the public as a “bruiser”. Natsuna has also been scooped for her eccentric side, just like the character she played. Since she had always had a side that conflicted with the character, viewers could not separate her from the character, and she was probably shunned by them.

However, Mr. Kuroshima is known for his serious and quiet personality. When he was unable to balance college and work, he even seriously considered quitting his job. There are few floating rumors, and the fact that her first scoop was at the age of 23 and that she has a down-to-earth love life is also considered impressive. Therefore, I think everyone sees Nobuko and Mr. Kuroshima as different and separate.

On the other hand, there is also this analysis: …….

On the other hand, there is this analysis: “From a mean-spirited point of view, it can be said that Ms. Kuroshima’s impact is that much weaker than Nobuko. Since her debut at the age of 15, she has been selected for leading roles in major productions and has won numerous awards. Her agency is also pushing for her and she is actually very talented, but most of the people who have come to know her name for the first time through this morning drama.

It is said that ‘being disliked is proof of popularity,’ but the fact is that she lacks impact and does not radiate an aura of being disliked.

It is bad to be disliked, and it is also bad not to be disliked. It is a fateful role to play the leading role in a morning drama series.

  • Interview and text by Naoko Yamamoto

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always on the lookout for serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

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