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Yui Asakura fired from her office at the end of August due to poor conduct! The shock of

The Lady Aguilera who dominated the gravure world...

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Asakura’s office is said to be busy dealing with the trouble she caused. The gap between her image as a purist and ……

Masked Rider Revise” (on TV Asahi) will reach its final episode on August 28. During the airing period, the popularity of Asakura Yui (26), who plays the role of the “too cute evil queen” Aguilera, exploded. It is still fresh in our minds that she achieved the feat of taking the gravure world by storm, but we couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the words of an executive of a commercial TV station (……): “Along with the show, Asakura’s activities will also be affected.

The rumor is that Asakura’s contract with her agency will be terminated at the end of August.

The reason for the termination is said to be “poor conduct.

Asakura is a habitual tardy criminal,” says the source, “which may come as a surprise. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the manager in charge bowing down to other actors and their agencies who had to wait for hours. Not only were they late, but once or twice they cancelled the shoot itself. Sometimes the reason for the cancellation was a lie. ……”

Some in the world of gravure, where Asakura was very active, are also concerned about her poor behavior.

Asakura’s project for a photo book, which was started after repeated meetings with the publishing company and with her consent, was cancelled. I heard that Asakura suddenly started complaining later that she didn’t like the structure of the book.

(A veteran photographer) Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Asakura is an outstanding talent. Will she really be dismissed at the end of August? Her office responded, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, and we are currently dealing with the situation with sincerity.

There were no words of denial.

When FRIDAY photographed her semi-living with Ryo Sekoguchi (25, wife), she defended herself by saying, “I was sheltered from a stalker.

From the September 9, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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