What’s going on in the long-established organization… “Insulation letters” and “suspicious letters” are frequently being written in the “Kyokutokai”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What’s going on in the long-established organization… “Insulation letters” and “suspicious letters” are frequently being written in the “Kyokutokai”.

Shinichi Matsuyama, former chairman of the Kyokutokai, a designated crime syndicate headquartered in Kabukicho, Tokyo, passed away in May of this year. What is happening inside the organization, which has been shaken by the loss of its charisma?

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A letter of notice of “insulation and excommunication” circulated in the yakuza industry shortly before the death of former Chairman Matsuyama. The reasons for the disciplinary actions against the three executives are written in a harsh style.

It was in May of this year that Shinichi Matsuyama, 94, former chairman of the Kyokutokai, passed away.

The news of the death of the “charismatic” yakuza boss’s passing spread quickly throughout the industry at the time.

Matsuyama V passed away on May 7 in Tokyo. The next day, word of Matsuyama’s death circulated in the yakuza circles, and on May 9, newspapers reported the death of Matsuyama V. The charisma of Matsuyama V was widely known in the industry. At the end of May, Isao Seki, head of the Sumiyoshikai, also passed away, and it seemed as if an era had come to an end in the yakuza world,” said a gangster.

The Kyokutokai is a Matoya-affiliated organization with its headquarters in Kabukicho, Tokyo. It is said to be the largest Matoya-affiliated gang in Japan, with its headquarters in Kabukicho, Tokyo, and its members in Saitama, Yamagata, and 12 other prefectures. Incidentally, the Kyokuto-kai is the only Matoya-affiliated organization that has been designated as a designated boryokudan.

On the other hand, there has recently been a flurry of internal strife within the organization, as evidenced by letters of insulation from top executives and suspicious letters flying around.

The internal problems came to light in an insulating letter dated April, just prior to the death of Chairman Matsuyama, which was circulated to related parties. The letter clearly stated that the top executive of Kyokutokai had been “insulated” and that the chairman of the core organization known as the secondary organization of Kyokutokai had been “excommunicated. The reasons for the punishments are that these executives stole a pure gold fan that was displayed in the former Chairman Matsuyama’s living room without his permission and converted it to cash for personal use, and that they embezzled the former Chairman Matsuyama’s expenses. Of course, the authenticity of the letter is unknown, but it is accompanied by an explanation that the fan was sent to Chairman Matsuyama by Jiro Kiyota V of the Inagawa-kai as a congratulatory gift, and the letter denounces the executives’ actions in rather strong terms, saying that they “committed acts of extreme atrocities that are no worse than those of dogs and animals. The sender of the letter of insulation is the current chairman of Kyokutokai,” said a gang journalist.

And in May, a letter titled “Dear members of Kyokutokai! The letter was sent to the members of the Kyokuto-kai, and the name of the sender was “Yuushikai. The name of the sender is “Yuushikai. The so-called “suspicious letter.

The letter said, “Something terrible has happened in the short time since the death of Shinichi Matsuyama V.” The letter also said, “This time, the issue of the golden fan has been lost. The letter also criticized the top executives mentioned in the letter by name, saying, “This time, too, the ‘golden pine tree’ that was given to the Kyokutokai by the founder of the Inagawa-kai and displayed in the residence of the fifth generation Matsuyama is being taken out of the house. Although the authenticity of this statement is not certain, it is connected to the previous letter of excommunication.

The suspicious letter continued: In July, when former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot during a speech in Nara, a letter titled “Former Prime Minister Abe Fell by a Deadly Bullet” (original text only) was circulated among those involved in the Kyokutokai. This time, the name of the group is “Shinjuku Yuushikai.

The letter also mentions the name of the same top official and condemns the actions of the Kyokutokai in the past. What was surprising was that apart from this suspicious document, a denunciation document by one of the advisors of the Kyokuto Kai with his actual name appeared. The letter mentions the fan issue and the abolition of the direct attendance system that existed in the 5th Kyokutokai, and severely condemns the current administration, saying, “After the passing of Oyabun V Matsuyama, I have a serious sense of crisis that the management of the Kyokutokai has been overrun and privatized by a few people. It also states that “we have no choice but to separate from the Kyokutokai,” and concludes with the words, “We are firmly opposed to such acts that are contrary to the Shinto Farming Way. Frankly, when I saw this, I could only tilt my head and wonder, ‘Is this paper true? An advisor to the Kyokutokai is also an executive in the organization. The fact that this person is criticizing the current system under his own name is a shocking statement that is hard to believe.

In addition to the sudden insulting letter from the top executive, the Kyokutokai has also been the subject of a series of unusual incidents, including the appearance of a suspicious letter. What in the world is going on in the organization?

It is whispered that there are several groups within the Kyokutokai. Regardless of the authenticity of the letters of insulation and the suspicious documents, it is certain that there are rumors in the neighborhood that ‘internal strife is taking place in the wake of the death of former Chairman Matsuyama. There are certainly rumors in the circles that ‘there may be some internal conflicts triggered by the death of former Chairman Matsuyama.

It seems that the death of a charismatic figure is always a source of great turmoil in any world.

A suspicious document circulated in May of this year. It lists the names of three executives who were supposed to have been insulated or excommunicated, and says, “Let’s stop this evil scheme.

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