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The “40 hot stocks for the summer” carefully selected by investment professionals…!

Aeon, Bic Camera, Isomaru Suisan, Nihon Ham ...... A practical lineup of discount coupons, meal coupons, catalog gifts, etc.

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Aeon’s “Shareholders’ Benefit Card” is a staple of the AEON Group’s special benefit program. If you have an AEON store within your living area, there is no harm in having one!

The stock market before the Bon Festival is called a “dead summer market,” and it is generally said to be a time when prices are slow to move. On the other hand, for individual investors, it is a good time to get shareholder special benefit plans with fixed vesting dates at the end of August and September. Especially in summer, there are many easy-to-use special benefits such as discount coupons and meal coupons for famous chains. In the table below, we have compiled a list of Japanese stocks recommended by investment professionals by minimum purchase price of approximately 100,000 yen, 300,000 yen, and 500,000 yen.

First, let us introduce the “summer special benefit stocks” that all five experts have named and recommended. It is Yamada Holdings, which operates electronics retail stores. Hiroki Takeuchi, representative of Life Partners, says, “Yamada is a company where you can buy 100 shares of stock for a year.

Hiroki Takeuchi, representative of Life Partners, says, “With 100 shares of Yamada, you can get a discount coupon worth 1,500 yen per year. The company has many stores, so it is easy to use the coupons, and at the current share price, the yield is over 6% when combined with the dividend. It can be said that Yamada is a representative stock for summer special benefit programs that is both practical and profitable.

Many major retailers, including Yamada, will have a vesting date for summer special benefits. Aeon is arguably the most popular stock among individual investors throughout the year. Market advisor Hideo Amano said, “Aeon is the most popular benefit for individual investors throughout the year.

The “Shareholders’ Benefit Card,” which is given to shareholders who hold at least 100 shares, provides cash back of at least 3% of the amount spent on purchases, depending on the number of shares held. If you hold 1,000 or more shares for three years or more, you will receive an AEON gift card worth at least 2,000 yen, so there is no harm in having this benefit for “everyday use. What are the benefits that can be received for one share?

What are the benefits that can be received with one share?

If you have a store within your living area, Bic Camera is one of the best stocks for special benefits. Ayaki Hoshino, a trading strategist at Kokoro Trade Institute, explains why he recommends it.

At the end of August, if you own 100 shares, you will receive a special benefit coupon worth 1,000 yen. Bic Camera offers a wider variety of products than other electronics retailers, including not only home appliances but also household goods, toys, and liquor. Another advantage is that the stores are located in easily accessible areas. Even if you receive a special benefit coupon with a high real yield rate, it is “common” for the coupon to expire without you being able to go to the store. We recommend that you choose stocks based on whether they are easy to use, not just on the amount.

The “Summer Special Benefit Plan” also includes a wide variety of restaurant chain stocks. Saizeriya, a low-priced Italian restaurant, will vest in August, and Tridor Holdings, which operates Marugame Seimen, will vest in September.

Matsui Securities market analyst Sho Suzuki pointed to two stocks in the food and beverage industry.

Ichibanya, which operates Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, offers a coupon worth 1,000 yen for 100 shares. If there is no store in your area, you can exchange the coupons for retort curry or gift sets, which is convenient. Create restaurants Holdings, which operates a variety of restaurant businesses such as food courts in commercial facilities, offers a meal coupon worth 2,000 yen for 100 shares upon vesting in August. The coupons can be used at a wide range of restaurants operated by the company, such as “Isomaru Suisan” (Japanese-style pub) and “Shabu Shabu Nabe” (shabu-shabu restaurant).

In the case of Isomaru Suisan, the same benefits are also available to holders of shares in SFP Holdings, a subsidiary of Create Restaurants HD. At present, the stock price is open about 700 yen, so choose a stock that fits your budget.

In addition to discount coupons and meal coupons, “payment in kind” is one of the best parts of shareholder benefits. This is especially true of food manufacturers, and Mr. Hoshino recommends Nippon Ham.

Nippon Ham’s special benefit package includes ham, sausages, and other company products worth 3,000 yen. The assortment box is quite heavy, and when you receive it, I think you will realize how much you enjoy the benefits.

Mr. Takeuchi also mentioned Kameda Seika, the largest rice cracker company in Japan.

In the case of Kameda Seika, you will receive an assortment of its products such as “Kameda’s Kaki no Tane” and “Happy Turn” worth 1,000 yen. The company is expanding not only its rice confectionery business but also its health care business, and its stable performance and stock price are also positive factors for this brand.

For those who prefer to choose from a wide variety of products, we recommend the “catalog gift” brand. Mr. Taiki Yorifuji, representative of “Money & You,” says, “I have heard that Shinkenzemi is known for its catalog gifts.

Benesse Holdings, known for its “Shinkenzemi” series, sends a catalog of special gift items to holders of 100 shares or more. In addition to books for children, the company offers a wide range of choices, including tea and confectionery sets and towels. Benesse is also focusing on dementia care for the elderly, and can be seen as a growing brand in the future.

Finally, let us introduce a “treasure stock” that offers a special benefit to shareholders who buy even a single share.

Shofu, a manufacturer of dental equipment, allows shareholders who own even a single share to purchase its products, such as hand soap, at a discount. Also, at Kamishin Electric, an electronics retailer famous as a sponsor of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, one share of stock entitles the holder to a 5,000 yen shareholder special benefit coupon. LINE Securities’ and other securities companies allow you to buy shares in units of one share, so they are also recommended for first-time buyers of stock with special benefits.

Summer may actually be the best time of year for shareholder special benefits. The theory is to buy stocks of companies that you use frequently, while expecting the stock price to rise and dividends to be paid.

Bic Camera differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a wide range of products, including alcoholic beverages and golf equipment. Easy to use special benefits
An example of Nihon Ham’s shareholder benefits (from the official website). In addition to processed meat products, curry and vegetables are also included.

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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