Fans are thrilled by Nanao’s “passionate friendship conveyed through her best friend’s omedetta report”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are thrilled by Nanao’s “passionate friendship conveyed through her best friend’s omedetta report”!

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Model, actress and Nanao made a post on her Instagram account called “Comment on a serious matter. What on earth happened ……!

‘Satomi became a mother. Congratulations.” (from Nanao’s Instagram)

It’s a picture that shows their beautiful friendship (from her Instagram @nanao_official)

It seems that Nanao’s “serious matter” was model Satomi’s pregnancy.

Nanao and Satomi’s close friendship is well-known among fans; in 2019, they shared a lovey-dovey two-shot photo of themselves face to face in Hong Kong. At that time, Nanao commented, “I came to Hong Kong to meet her.

Nanao has now posted a photo of herself patting Satomi’s growing belly lovingly on Instagram. Nanao is wearing a black shirt and black pants, and Satomi is in a pink maternity dress. Just as they did in Hong Kong, the two were smiling happily as they held each other close to their faces. By the way, Satomi also posted the same photo on her Instagram.

Satomi also posted a photo of her and Nanae together on her Instagram, where Satomi made a request to Nanae.

She asked for her breech baby to be cured. She also made a request. It seems to work.

It is very worrisome that Satomi’s baby is breech. However, it is also true that Nanao’s smile has a mysterious power that blows away such worries.

Nanao is gaining more and more attention every year. In the movie “Jigoku no Hanazono” released last June, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker. The Sunday drama “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room” (TBS), in which she played the role of a skilled nurse, was also a big hit. The average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto region, according to Video Research), and a movie version is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Fans must have been moved by Nanao’s passionate friendship. ……

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