Celebrating Tadanobu Asano’s marriage! “Pre-marital love date photos” with his wife by 18 years | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Tadanobu Asano’s marriage! “Pre-marital love date photos” with his wife by 18 years

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A two-shot photo of the two of them in June ’14. After leaving a soba noodle restaurant, they walked three kilometers in close proximity

Married! Tadanobu Asano, Kurumi Nakada.”

Tadanobu Asano (48) announced his marriage on August 23. He posted a two-shot photo of himself and Kurumi Nakata (30) on his Instagram page to report their marriage.

The couple met eight years ago at a music-related event. It was a music-related event. At the time, Nakata was working as a model for a fashion magazine, appearing in commercials for “Google” and as a D J. She was a talented young woman who had just graduated from Nihon University College of Art and was a promising artist, so I don’t think many people around her would have welcomed this couple with an 18-year age difference,” said a fashion writer.

Asano divorced her older sister CHARA (54), who was famous for being a loving couple, in 2009. Since then, Asano has been a very popular man who has had affairs with women nearly 20 years younger than himself, including models Diana Chiacchi and Riisa Naka, and model Ayaki Asamiya. Nakata fell in love with Asano, and people in the know were worried about him, but despite their concerns, the two deepened their relationship.

In December 2005, Asano’s father, Yukihisa Sato, the president of Asano’s agency, was arrested for violating the Methamphetamine Control Law. At that time, the two were already living together, and we hear that Nakata provided Asano with emotional support. This seemed to be the catalyst that deepened the bond between the two. I think it was around this time that they became conscious of marriage.

FRIDAY” has spotted the couple on numerous occasions. The first time they were spotted together was in June of 2002, in a quiet shopping street in Tokyo.

The two remain snugly together at all times and in all places.

It was dusk, and Asano was walking along a shopping street where people were passing by, flashing his wild chest peeking out from his white shirt, with his hands around Nakata’s shoulders and waist, keeping close contact with him. We headed for a neighborhood soba noodle shop. After leaving the soba restaurant, they continued to walk the three kilometers to Asano’s home, still in close contact with each other.

In May 2003, we also caught them on a date. It was after 11 p.m. in a downtown area near Shibuya station. Asano was wearing a skinhead for a movie shoot. Holding hands, they entered a cafe. They never let go of each other’s hands when ordering at the counter.

Then, in December 2005. At an udon store in Setagaya Ward. The two order udon in a familiar atmosphere, as if they are a couple from the neighborhood who have come to their favorite restaurant, and slurp their udon in silence. It was just a week before this that Asano’s father was arrested. After finishing his meal quickly and leaving the restaurant, Nakata quickly intertwines his arm with Asano’s and snuggles up to him laboriously. They headed for a nearby coin-operated parking lot, and Asano drove them back to the love nest where they were already living together at this time.

The two have been dating openly and unobtrusively, so it is likely that we will be seeing more and more of the lovebirds on TV in the future.

In June 2002, Asano said, “Let’s do it! Asano said, “Let’s do it! and pumped his fist in the air in super high spirits. After this, they headed for a soba noodle restaurant.
June, 2002. The two walk hand in hand through the park with big smiles on their faces.
October 2002. The two relax at a book cafe in Daikanyama.
October 2002. After relaxing at a café, the two browse through magazines together.
May 2003. The two walk hand in hand through the downtown area of Shibuya. They remained holding hands when they entered a café.
December 2005. The two of them at an udon restaurant in Setagaya. Asano’s father had been arrested a week earlier, and his expression was somewhat gloomy.
As they left the udon store, Nakata gently wrapped his arm around Asano’s.
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