Shun Oguri’s “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” overlaps with the wounded winner of “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” to try again in Hollywood. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shun Oguri’s “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” overlaps with the wounded winner of “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” to try again in Hollywood.

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Shun Oguri and his wife, Yu Yamada, took on the challenge of Hollywood as a family. They experienced a major setback, but…

The 31st episode of the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” was broadcast on August 14, and the character of Hojo Yoshitoki, played by Shun Oguri, finally fell to the dark side and bared his raging fangs.

After the death of Minamoto no Yoritomo (Yo Oizumi)

After the death of Minamoto no Yoritomo (Yo Oizumi), he said, “I don’t want myself in Kamakura from now on.

Yoshitoki once expressed his decision to leave Kamakura and retreat to Izu, but Masako told him

But Masako told him, “You are a coward. Have some responsibility!

However, he reluctantly stays in Kamakura. The flame of battle was lit in Yoshitoki’s eyes in the 30th episode. After careful consideration, he resolved to confront Hiki Nohito in order to break the chain of false accusations and death sentences.

I, under Kamakura-dono, will break the bad roots.

He then dared to take on Nouin by any means necessary and drove the Hiki clan to extinction.

He then deceives and kills Nohman by any means necessary to drive the Hiki clan to extinction.

He begs to be admitted to the Buddhist priesthood.

But before he could even dry his tongue, he told his son Yasutoki (Kentaro Sakaguchi), “If it comes to war, I’ll be the first one to go to war.

If war comes, kill Ichiban-sama first. If he lives, he will surely become the seed of disaster. Even his mother. Yoritomo-sama would have done so.

This order astonishes Yasutoki. The netizens were also astonished by this leopard’s change.

“His face is completely transformed.
Black Yoshitoki has descended.

Black Yoshitoki descends,” and so on.

Furthermore, when Yoshitoki learns that Kazuhata is still alive in episode 32, which aired on August 21, he shows an even more asura-like expression than in the previous episode. He visits Zenji (Kajiwara Zen), a special killer, and orders him to kill him, but he is told, “I can’t do it.

I can’t do it. I can’t do it. He likes me.

Yoshitoki does not change his expression at all.

What is the difference between you and Chizurumaru?
Don’t say things that don’t suit you.

Yoshitoki’s expression at this point shows that he is no longer a human being. Yoshitoki’s expression at this moment has not the slightest trace of human emotion.

But is this transformation really based on the example of Yoritomo? I do not think so.

The proof of this is a line that comes back to Yoshitoki’s mind in episode 31, on his way home from reporting on the defeat of Hiki. It is a line from his late brother, Munetoki (Kataoka Ainosuke)

Koshiro, I want to make this Bando our own. I will create a world of Bando warriors. And Hojo will stand at the top of it.

Are not these words the curse that drove Yoshitoki to “madness”?

Mr. Takuya Shimizu, who is in charge of supervising the production of this year’s Taiga, has an interesting story to tell about Shun Oguri, who will play Yoshitoki.

He says, “This film is a follow-up to ‘Shinsengumi! and “Sanadamaru,” this is Mitani Koki’s third attempt at a historical drama about the victors. Yoshitoki was born the second son of a country samurai in Izu, and was discovered by chance and rose to the center of the Kamakura shogunate in just 10 years, eventually becoming the real “King of Japan.

However, this king is not a king who arrogantly smiles with power, but a “wounded victor” who overcomes suffering, hatred, and sorrow to become king. This image overlaps with that of Shun Oguri, who continues to take on various challenges, including numerous films and Shakespeare’s stage productions.

Oguri himself was “quite troubled” by the offer.

“I was quite worried about it,” he confessed.

“I was quite worried about it,” he confesses. When he consulted Masaki Suda, the actor who played the role of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, he said, “Oguri is fighting in such a place.

He told me, “It would be encouraging for me if I could see Oguri-san fighting in such a place.

This was one of the factors in his decision to appear in the film. At the time, Oguri was suffering a major setback in his efforts to break into the Hollywood market.

Oguri made his Hollywood debut in the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong,” which was released last July, but he appeared in only five scenes. He had almost no lines and about half of them were cut compared to when he was filming.

His character has changed since the beginning, and some have expressed sympathy for him, but he is so frustrated that he says, “I still break out in a greasy sweat when I think back on it.

Oguri spoke of his struggles as an actor in the program “Professional Work Style” (NHK) broadcast in May of this year, during the 400 days of close coverage of the Taiga Drama.

He said, “Oguri has become one of the most famous actors in the world, and the production team is increasingly saying, ‘We’re OK with him just being in the drama,’ and ‘Let’s finish the drama without hurting him too much. If that’s the case, there’s no place for me,” he said, “I feel like I’m dead. I think I’m dead. An actor like Oguri Shun will probably die in the next few years,” he said, revealing his painful feelings. That’s why he wanted to succeed in Hollywood at any cost” (producer of a production company).

Meanwhile, Oguri is reported to be moving back to Los Angeles with his family after the shooting of the drama ends, creating a controversy.

Oguri was asked at the end of “The Professional” “What does a professional mean to you? Oguri answered, “To give back to the people who brought me here.

Oguri shed tears of frustration when he stumbled on his Hollywood debut. I am not the only one who sees that figure as similar to Yoshitoki, who overcame a variety of pain, hatred, and sorrow to reach the top.

Oguri has told junior actors that he goes to the U.S. to pick up things he has forgotten. Actor Shun Oguri is also

create a world of Bando warriors. And Hojo will stand at the top of it.”

With Yoshitoki’s words in mind, he may be aiming for revenge in Hollywood with an eagle eye.

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