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Passion and Sexual Desire for an Older Man… The Aftermath of a Love Affair that “Makes Me Crave for Him Every Time I See Him

Sanae Kameyama reports on "There is a reason for infidelity.

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31-year-old beauty who repeatedly had an affair with an older man, whose “lovers were all married,” was then…

She says that sex with older men “changed her body. She says that her body “changed” after having sex with an older man, and that her “love” that she became so crazy about ended with…

I was drowned in the feeling that my body was changing.

Every time we met, I begged him to have sex with me. He handled my body very carefully. I felt more and more comfortable, and just looking at him made my whole body feel hot.

Marina says she still remembers that feeling.

After that, I started following him on his business trips more and more. “After that, I started accompanying him on his business trips, under the guise of being his secretary. Looking back, the people at the office probably thought it was just another one of his bad habits, but I felt as if I had stepped up as a woman because I had won him over.

Sexually, she says, “I was happy to be the kind of woman he liked. I could feel my body changing. Every place he touched me became a sexual zone. Because her home was far away, she often called her parents and said, “I’m staying at a friend’s place today,” and stayed at a hotel with him and Mr. Nakamura. Because of this secret relationship, which she could not tell anyone, she became absorbed in him both physically and emotionally.

However, there was one person who would not overlook this relationship. His wife.

About two years after they started dating, Marina became busy looking for a job. Mr. Nakamura told her, “You should get a job with us,” but she was unwilling to go straight from a part-time job to a full-time job. I wanted to test my ability.

When I was busy job hunting, one day I came home and my mother confronted me with a letter in her blood. With my name on the side. Dear Parents It said, ” Dear Parents. I looked at the back and saw a woman’s name, Nakamura. It was his wife. My mother had already read it and urged me to read it too. The contents were about how I was not a moderate person, how I had supported my husband, that we were married late and both of our children were still in high school, and that I was ready to sue. The letters were disorganized, and I felt like a stranger, that she was quite angry with me. My mother was furious, saying, ‘I don’t remember raising you like that,’ but I told her, ‘This is between him and me. It’s a love affair,’ and I took the letter and ran out of the house.

I left him once and for all when his wife found out.

I called him to a coffee shop and showed him the letter. He was depressed, saying he had no idea that his wife had noticed.

He said, “My wife has always turned a blind eye when I’ve played with women. This time she might have realized that I was serious about her. That’s when I had an epiphany. Normally, I would have been pleased that she was serious about me, but I was caught off guard by the word “womanizing. I thought that the relationship had started out as a flirtation. Even if he says he is serious now, I think he just misunderstood that it was an extension of his womanizing that made him serious.

She stood up, saying, “I apologize for the inconvenience, good-bye.” She turned around, but there was no sign of him following her.

I thought that perhaps he would call me at night, or the next day, and tell me that this was not the end of it, but that was all.

‘ I felt like ridiculing myself. I even resented him for being such a mean-spirited guy after all.

I resented him, but then the next love came along…

She was still in love with such a “first love,” but as soon as she joined her first-choice company, she fell in love with her boss, the head of the department. In her defense, she says, “I resented the first guy, but I didn’t vow never to have an affair again. When I was a student and a new employee, men of my generation seemed like children and I had no interest in dating them.

The general manager was in his mid-40s at the time. He was about two years older than her.

When I was assigned to him, I had no intention of falling in love. I was going to push forward with my work, and in fact, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t know what I was doing yet, but I did the work I was given promptly and made appeals to be allowed to do more work. In the fall of that year, I was assigned as an assistant to a senior staff member who was well known within the company as a talented woman. That turned out to be a great opportunity, and I was given a slightly bigger job with my senior. I was very excited about the opportunity. The director of the department gave us advice directly.

With luck on her side, the job turned out to be a success, and the team led by the two of them achieved another success. In her second year with the company, she became a household name within the company. Later, when a married senior colleague became pregnant and went on maternity leave, Marina jumped over her immediate supervisor and began working with the department head.

The more time we spent together, the more I realized what a wonderful man the department head was,” she said. The fact that he was married and had children did not diminish his wonderfulness. I really wanted to make this man mine. But that doesn’t mean I wanted to plunder and marry him. I wanted to be in a romantic relationship. I wanted to be by his side at work and in my personal life. That’s what I wanted.”

She invited the department head on her own. However, when she invited him out for a drink, he refused, saying it was not a good idea for them to be alone together. Even at the club’s drinking parties, he would leave after the first meeting, leaving part of the after-party expenses to the organizer. There was no room for him. In her third year of work, she moved out of her parents’ house and rented an apartment halfway between her office and his home, where she began to live alone.

One time, as usual, he said he was going home after the first meeting, so I snuck out and got on the same train as him. On the way there, I pretended to notice him, approached him, said, ‘Sir,’ and pretended I wasn’t feeling well. He is a kind man, so he gave me a ride home. As I was leaving at the door, he supported me when I almost collapsed as if I was dizzy and came to my room. But I was still wobbly. Then he picked me up and took me to the bed. There I wrapped my hands around his neck.”

With stomach and sex, he said, “I’m going to take you captive.

If a woman two years younger than him went that far, “a man cannot run away,” he thought. The general manager, who had never cheated on his wife before, fell under her poison fangs. Their relationship continued quietly and deeply for nearly three years.

She was physically compatible with the director as well. Any older man who I consider to have good taste in older men may end up being a good match for me. I wanted to please him too, so I learned about the male body. He once came over unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and I made him a quick dinner and he was very grateful. I was determined to captivate him with my stomach and sex.

But then he was transferred to a regional office. It was a prestigious transfer, and she knew he would be back at the headquarters in a few years, but when she heard that he was moving with his family, she felt that something was over for her.

After that, Marina continued to fall in love with men with families in her late 30s and late 40s. She did not choose men with families. It was just that the men she fell in love with were men with families. She fell “madly in love” with each of them, but they did not burn as much as the previous two. It seems that the other person could not keep up with her passion and sexual desire.

And the man she has been seeing for the past six months is a man who just turned 50s. She met him at a music class she started as a hobby.

She said, “ When I turned 30 When I turned 30, I wanted to find a hobby. I liked sound, so I started learning the cello. I met him now at that class. We went to concerts together and went to listen to rakugo, which is his hobby. I am glad that my hobbies expand when people change. He likes izakaya so much that he could be a izakaya critic. We work at different places, so it’s easy, and I spend most Friday nights and Saturdays with him.

A father of a college student and a high school student, he is just “one man” when he meets with her, but she sometimes catches a glimpse of him. But she also likes the occasional glimpse of his fatherly side.

He once deboned a fish for me at a tavern. When he handed me the half of the fish he had deboned and said, ‘I feel like I’m acting like a father,’ I got a big kick out of it. I don’t know if it’s normal for a father to bone a fish, but I felt like I saw another side of him.

I don’t feel guilty about having an “affair” with an older man.

She thinks that as long as he is careful and discreet, no one will know about this relationship.

One day I suddenly realized that I’m having all these affairs, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t think of looting. But for sure he is happy now. I am happy too. ‘This is my last love. If I had not met Marina, my life would not have been so rich.

Marina was smiling until the end. Certainly she does not feel guilty. If she felt guilty, she probably would not have had an affair. She likes the “protective” and “cherished atmosphere” that comes from the age difference, but that is not why she chooses to have an affair, she says. It seems that she is somehow different from women who are attracted to older men because of their fatherhood.

She says, “Maybe I like it when a mature man who is good at his job and has calm judgment becomes like a bare-chested boy in front of me. I love the gap between them. At home he is a father and a husband, but when he is naked he is just a man. He exposes his nakedness in front of me. I just love ‘him’ in front of me. I just love ‘him’ in front of me.

Love certainly takes away titles and roles. It is a confrontation between a man and a woman. Perhaps older men who have been through a rough patch are more passionate than their contemporaries. The bigger the gap between the man’s true self and his social position, the more passionate he will be. She is completely absorbed in the pleasure of having a man of this caliber infatuated with her.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama

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