Gershey’s “Revealing 47 Election Promises” is a “promotion” to join an expensive salon. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershey’s “Revealing 47 Election Promises” is a “promotion” to join an expensive salon.

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Mr. Gershey made a campaign promise of “47 revelations” in the Upper House election… (from his official channel)

To be honest, the entire staff, including myself, have not been sleeping.

On the evening of August 21, NHK Party Upper House Councillor Gershie announced the launch of his online salon “GASYLE,” which will serve as a base for his campaign activities. He apologized for the postponement of the scheduled opening of “GASYLE,” an online salon that will be the base of his exposé activities on the evening of August 21.

He said that the cause was the system company and that the salon could not start because a bug could not be improved. The entire staff has been working sleepless nights to deal with the situation, and they cannot hide their frustration.

To be honest, I’m pretty upset,” he said.

He has a beard and looks exhausted.

The salon was initially scheduled to run a “special delivery” on August 21, followed by a “completely free” campaign from August 22 to 31, and then a regular start on September 1, with a monthly fee of 3,980 yen.

The comments section of the installation was filled with comments from eagerly awaiting fans.

The comments on Instagram were full of eagerly awaited comments from fans: “If we have tens of thousands of viewers coming in at the same time like youtube on our own servers, the server cost will be quite high. It’s not clear if it will be able to handle the load until it actually starts.

Even during live broadcasting on YouTube, there were times when the connection became unstable due to overcrowding, so with a proprietary salon, it is possible that the server could go down. If you pay 3,980 yen a month and can’t get a good view, you may get a lot of complaints and more people may cancel their membership.

And what voters expect most from Mr. Gershey is the exposure of the 47 real names he has promised.

During his election campaign, Mr. Gershie made 47 promises, using his initials and withholding his real name. If elected, he promised to reveal them under his own name.

He had already revealed the names of Yasutaka Nakasone, a member of the House of Representatives, and Seiji Kihara, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, but he said that he would reveal more details “in a salon.

Many of the voters who cast their ballots for Mr. Gershwin probably did so in the hope that he would expose politicians and other corrupt officials. Many of them are living in the worst situation in the world, with inflation soaring every day and salaries remaining the same.

I don’t think many people can afford to pop out 3,980 yen every month. The fact that the salon will be open to the public on Instagram and TikTok after the public is probably a consideration for those people” (reporter from a sports newspaper).

When we check again the 47 stories of exposure, we find that they are all “extremely dangerous” stories.

“Artist A was involved in injury, confinement, and death, but has yet to be punished.

The stories are lined up in such a way that if they were exposed, it would cause a tremendous uproar or even end one’s career in the entertainment industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that few politicians, let alone Mr. Gershwin, keep all of their promises. However, Mr. Gershwin’s belief that he will not lie in his speeches is not something that he can be expected to do with just his word, as is the case with other members of the Diet.

If the pledge was made as a “publicity stunt” to get people to join an expensive salon, it could be seen as a betrayal of his constituents. I hope to see some revelations that will make politicians tremble with fear.

Will Mr. Gershwin make the revelations that will shake Japan as those who voted for him are expecting?

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