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Reina Sumi’s Gray Tank Top Post Excites the Fans!

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Reina Sumi, a freelance announcer, has been attracting a lot of attention for her tank top appearance. Comments flooded in, praising her as “super cute,” “always so nice,” and “fashionable.”

Sumi showed off her outfit, which is a rare occurrence for her. She was more casual than in her regular clothes, showing a different side of her (from her Instagram @sumi_reina).

Sumi often shares the outfits she wears during the filming of TV programs on her Instagram, but this day was a rare occasion for her to show off her personal outfit. She was wearing a gray tank top and a white skirt, and her sandals looked very cool.

“It was hot today! So here’s my outfit for today. I love @casa_fline’s cotton tiered skirt so much I bought a white one too. I’m sure it’s going to get my shins dirty, but I’m going to wash it, so who cares! I’ll just wash it! lol I’m not sure about this season’s beige, but there are also light gray and black ones, and I want them all.”

Born in 1990, Sumi is a freelance announcer who joined TV Tokyo as an announcer in 2013 and has worked on a number of TV programs including “Ie, Tsuki Dorei Iai ka?” After leaving TV Tokyo in 2020, she became a freelance announcer for St. Force. Currently, she is a freelance announcer for NTV’s “Zoom In! Saturday” and TBS’s “Flames of Athletics TV”.

Sumi has many sports-related jobs. In fact, she has outstanding athletic skills, having participated in a national soccer tournament in elementary school and enjoying dancing as a hobby.

While Sumi continues to make great strides in her work, it seems that she is not lacking in fashion in her private life either!

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