Gaasyy’s Declaration of “Reiwa No Okada Izo” Is About To Cause a Storm That Will Also Involve Koizumi Shinjiro. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gaasyy’s Declaration of “Reiwa No Okada Izo” Is About To Cause a Storm That Will Also Involve Koizumi Shinjiro.

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Gyasi won the Upper House election, but has yet to express his intention to return to Japan. How is he going to fulfill his responsibilities as a member of the Diet?

The “Okada Izo” declaration by Representative Gershey has become a controversial issue.

On August 18, Gyasi (Yoshikazu Azumaya), a member of NHK party who was elected to the upper house of the Diet, collaborated for the first time with an incumbent Diet member.

The conversation was arranged by Atsusuke Minowa of Gentosha, the author of the book, “Even If I Die, I’ll Still Be Alive. The conversation was expected to be tense, but it unfolded in a friendly mode.

Garcie’s absence from the extraordinary Diet session was called into question.

Gyasi, whose absence from the Diet has been called into question, argued, “It’s not right that the government is telling schools and businesses to be remote, but only the Diet should appear.

Otonkita insisted, “The current legal rule is that you have to come out.

Gershey said, “According to the current legal rules, you have to come out. But Mr. Gershey is right to raise the issue.

He understood the point of view of Mr. Gershie. He continued

He lamented the lack of progress in digitalization, saying, “The Diet has finally allowed computers in committee rooms, but not yet in the plenary hall.

He lamented the slow progress of the digitalization of the Diet. Then, Gershey said, “Let’s get together even if it’s just the younger members.

“Let’s get together, even if it’s just the younger members. We don’t have to leave the party.

and called for a grand coalition. He named Dr. Suidobashi of the Reiwa Shinsengumi and Sohei Kamiya, vice president of the Sanseito Party, among others. When the topic of Shinjiro Koizumi of the Liberal Democratic Party came up again, Gershie said

I hope he takes the lead. If he says, ‘I will not listen to you,’ it will be a revolution. If he becomes Sakamoto Ryoma, I will become Okada Yizo and slash and burn behind the scenes.

He declared. Immediately, Mr. Ondokita responded

I will tell Shinjiro’s office that I have secured Izo the Manslayer.

Mr. Otochita immediately became nostalgic.

I am most disappointed that Mr. Ondokita was so quickly won over. I was expecting a heated discussion. In the end, the discussion turned out to be like a ‘revolutionary army’ of some kind.

Speaking of Mr. Ondokita, he has been widely reported for falling asleep in the Diet in the past. Rather than making an enemy of Gyasi, he may have decided that it would be better to join forces with him.

Furthermore, when Gyasi compared himself to the dark hero “Yizo Okada” of the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the following comments were made on the Internet

“As expected, it’s impossible.
“Gyasi is only attacking the weak.

“It’s just too much to ask,” “Garcy is only attacking the weak,” and so on. Shinjiro, who was suddenly treated as the “Sakamoto Ryoma of Reiwa,” could only be puzzled.

The video of the collaboration between Gershey and Ondokita ended after 10 minutes due to audio problems. After that, a new one-hour video was broadcast, with more than 10,000 simultaneous connections, but both videos, including the one with the audio problem, were banned (deleted) after the end of the broadcast. However, both videos, including the one with the audio problem, were banned (deleted) after the end of the session.

Minowa responded to this on Twitter

I was just talking about politics. I don’t understand the meaning of the ban because the criteria are too vague.

However, it seems that Gershey is still the “inquirer” on YouTube.

Nevertheless, Gurthy is still receiving request after request for YouTube collaborations. The reason is obvious: collaborating with Gershie brings in a lot of traffic.

The video with Mr. Katsuhito Matsuura of Avex, which was released on March 16, has received more than 1.6 million hits as of March 22. Mr. Matsuura’s usual videos have an uneven number of views, ranging from tens of thousands to around 500,000.

The two collaboration videos with Ronboo and atsushi Tamura, also released earlier this month, recorded 2 million and 1 million views, respectively. This is also more than double the usual number.

The YouTube industry is all about the number of views. That’s why Gershey is so valued and many people want to make contact with him.

There is a risk of banning, but it still looks attractive. Even in the world of politics, those who make the most of Twitter and YouTube win. I can see why Mr. Ondokita is approaching him,” said an executive of a mid-sized You Tube office.

At the end of the Edo period, Yizo Okada was captured by the Tosa clan from which he came and humiliatingly beheaded, not even allowed to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) as a samurai. Will the “Okada Yizo of politics” be able to survive without being purged?

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