Sanyutei Enraku Shows More Devotion to His Role in “Laughing Point” Than to His Own. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sanyutei Enraku Shows More Devotion to His Role in “Laughing Point” Than to His Own.

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Sanyutei Enraku returns to the stage after a stroke. More than his persistence to return to “Laughing Point”…

Sanyutei Enraku, a rakugo storyteller, has returned to the stage after undergoing rehabilitation to recover from a stroke. In a media interview at the National Engeijo Theater in Nagata-cho, Tokyo, Enraku showed two “obsessions.

At the press conference, questions were asked not only about Enraku’s physical condition, but also about his regular appearances on “Laugh Spot” (Nippon Television). Since the questioner was a Nippon TV staff member, he asked, ‘Can I speak frankly? After confirming that he was, he proposed a “75-years-old retirement age. In other words, from the perspective of 72-year-old Enraku, it was a statement of intent that he would not give up his position on “Laugh Spot” for another three years.

Enraku’s “persistence” was not limited to his position on “Laughing Point. This became clear when asked about the succession of the name of “Sanyutei Ensho,” the family’s great namesake.

Enraku-san used the term “Chichaku” and showed his persistence in succeeding to the name once everyone agreed that he could do so. In other words, a “legitimate son and heir” would take over. He insisted that the legitimate heir was the previous generation’s Sanyutei Enraku, and that they were the legitimate heir of the family.

The reason is that Enno’s disciples and grand-disciples are not only from the Enraku family, but also from the Rakugo Association. Someone in the Rakugo Association also has the right to assume the name. I think that Enraku’s statement this time is to dismiss that possibility.

However, a person involved in the entertainment industry questioned Enraku’s assertion.

However, a person involved in the entertainment industry questions Enraku’s assertion. If Enraku were to take over as a legitimate successor, then Enno would have to be succeeded by Sanyutei Hōraku, the brother of the current Enraku. This is in contradiction to the fact that Enraku is the successor.

In the world of rakugo these days, it is becoming rarer and rarer for the most promising disciple to succeed his master’s name. Of course, Enraku is well aware of the situation. Still, he has no choice but to invoke an old rule in order to appeal to his own legitimacy.

The reason why the Enraku V troupe is united is that it has the great master Sanyutei Ensei in its hands. We cannot let go of him no matter what. If he went elsewhere, it might weaken the unity of the family.

Enraku is considering the following three options: he himself should succeed to the name, if possible, and at the same time he is considering the “Ultra C” option: he should become the successor and pass the name on to the younger members of the family, or he should become the sixth generation of the family and pass the name on to the younger members of the family, with the seventh generation being proposed. (a person related to the entertainment industry)

Enraku, who had been wounded by repeated illnesses, made his return to the Takaza and showed his persistence in returning to “Laughing Point” and becoming the grand master of his craft. His persistence is no doubt the driving force behind his recovery.

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