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Yu Abiru Secretly Hiding Baby #2 Intensifies “Revelation Battle” With Ex-Husband Saika

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Yuu Abiru and her ex-husband Kizaemon Saiga in their good-old-days. I never thought that it would develop into the “exposure war” as it is now… (in ’14)

I want to see her. I want to see her. I want to see you. I want to see you so much, it’s painful and hard. But I’m trying, I guess I forgot about my mom #daughter #I love you #I miss you.

This is what Yuu Abiru posted on Instagram a few months ago. The video shows her and her daughter, A, cheek to cheek, looking very friendly.

The August 18 issue of “Josei Seven” reported that Abiru had secretly given birth to her second child, a baby girl named B, in February of last year during a mediation filed with her ex-husband, martial artist Kizaemon Saiga, for a change of custody of the child.

According to the article, not only did Abiru not disclose the existence of baby B, but she also left the baby with her parents and did not live with them. The father is a civilian who is not registered and has not been acknowledged.

“She repeatedly asks to see A, but leaves B at her parents’ house in Fukuoka and lives alone in Tokyo, according to the article. It is questionable why she wants to see baby A but leaves baby B, whom she is responsible for raising, at home,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

Regarding this matter, her agency said,

“The birth of the baby is a fact, but we cannot talk about her privacy any further.”

The fact that her agency brought up the issue of privacy was probably an attempt to put pressure on her by saying, “We will not allow any news reports that infringe on your privacy. The only way to protect Abiru, and the agency is probably at its wits’ end.”

Originally, she was forced to refrain from activities after she shared a saga of how she once repeatedly stole from a group of people and destroyed a store, but since she was working for a major agency, she managed to keep her job by bartering with big-name celebrities. However, this time, more and more viewers will be disappointed.

Saiga, her ex-husband, had no knowledge of the birth of Abiru’s second child. It seems that Abiru concealed the fact and won a change of custody of baby A at the Tokyo District Court.

In response to this report, Saiga updated her blog, “I think the environment around the child is important for the child’s growth.”

I️ am sure that the environment is important, and I️ think that you have to think and act with the child first! I learned that from my first wife and my first wife’s family.

He replied to Abir with a comment that could be taken as either gratitude or sarcasm.

In addition to the trial, Saiga’s side has been making publicity about Abiru’s drinking habits and allegations of neglect in such publications as “Josei Seven.” Abiru’s side responded with the Weekly Bunshun.

They revealed that the drunken pictures were taken before their marriage and accused Saiga of domestic violence and moral harassment. Their custody battle has become a quagmire with the media getting involved. What steps will Abiru take next?

The question of why Abiru hid the existence of baby B and why she did not raise him herself is drawing attention.

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