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Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s Next Target Show is So Unexpected!

Conquering all primetime hours on all days of the week to "surpass Kin-chan"!

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After leaving the shaved ice store, the group moved on to a nearby store selling wrestling-related goods. The location shooting was congenial from start to finish.

In early July, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48) was seen in front of a famous shaved ice store in Chiyoda Ward. The presence of Takushi Tanaka (46) from “Angels” and two members of “Taka and Toshi” suggests that they were on location for “Ariyoshi Yeeeeeee!” (TV Tokyo). After filming inside the restaurant in a few minutes, they left the restaurant.

Ariyoshi was always in a good mood while on location, but the reason for his never-ending smile may have been something other than the fact that he was on location with a group of people he knew well. A source in the entertainment industry tells us, “He was always in a good mood during the filming.”

A source close to the entertainment industry said, “With the reorganization of the program in the fall, ‘Ariyoshi Quiz’ (on TV Asahi) will move from late night to Tuesday night at 8:00 pm. This means that Mr. Ariyoshi will have his own show in the golden and prime time slots on all days of the week. It is not a dream for him to achieve a total viewer rating of 100% for the first time since Kinichi Hagimoto (81).”

Reiwa’s ratings geek already has a next goal in mind. In June, he will be appearing on “Good! Morning” (TV Asahi), he declared, “I want to work on the morning slot!”. He did not hide his eagerness to take on this new challenge.

“Ariyoshi says that no matter how busy he is, he never breaks his rhythm of getting up at 5:30 a.m.. So, a morning TV show would not be a burden on his daily rhythm, and there would be no problem with the prime time schedule. And yet, he can constantly update himself by being exposed to new knowledge, which can only be a plus for him. Since he is a person with quick wittedness and the ability to improvise, I think he would be able to handle a show that deals with hard news,” said entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita.

Ariyoshi’s rapid progress is far from over.

Unpublished story from the magazine: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, the unexpected program that the ratings geek is aiming for next.

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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