Yuna KUROSHIMA’s “Chimu Doton” is inundated with criticism and has become “black history” due to a number of withdrawals. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuna KUROSHIMA’s “Chimu Doton” is inundated with criticism and has become “black history” due to a number of withdrawals.

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Yuna Kuroshima is the heroine of NHK’s morning drama “Chimudotsu. However, the content of the drama has been criticized…

The criticism of the NHK morning drama “Chimu Dodon” (NHK) continues unabated, with some even calling the near-slanderous comments problematic.

This work is an ensemble drama about the heroine Nobuko Higa, played by Yuna Kuroshima, who dreams of Okinawan cuisine, and her siblings who support each other. What in the world is happening in this morning drama?

The first thing that has been pointed out is that the storyline is so predictable that it is easy to predict what is going to happen next. For example, in the 17th week, Nobuko’s high-class Italian restaurant “Alla Fontana” is burglarized and the sales and the certificate of title are stolen, and some tough-looking men force her to buy the certificate of title for 10 million yen. When the owner, Fusako (Mieko Harada), flatly refuses, the thugs begin to harass her relentlessly. On the other hand, some commented that it was “disrespectful to Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.

Light comedy plays centered on slapstick are funny even if the audience knows what is going to happen next because of the skill of the performers in making the audience laugh. However, the viewers of “Chimu Dotdan” are not looking for laughs in the first place. Instead, they are probably more put off by the predictable development of the story, and have lost their emotional attachment to it.

On the other hand, there are scenes where the unpredictable development leaves viewers scratching their heads.

In week 17, Kazuhiko’s mother, Shigeko (Suzuki Honami), was adamantly opposed to Nobuko and Kazuhiko’s (Hio Miyazawa) marriage. However, in week 18, she is moved by a nostalgic taste she had once had on the black market and gives her blessing to the couple’s marriage. She even asks, “Will you call me Shi-chan? Some viewers were dazzled by the way he asked, “Will you call me Shi-chan?

Shigeko, the last boss who stood in the way of Nobuko’s marriage, fell in a flash. Moreover, the sudden “character change” was not well understood, and some viewers dropped out of the show.

Why does this “scheduled harmony” occur in the first place?

Daisuke Habara, the scriptwriter, creates the plot until the final week, and then the three of them, the production manager, the chief director, and Mr. Habara, brush up the storyline and dialogue in turn, starting from the first week and working out the details. As they went through this process, the story and dialogue lost freshness and may have fallen into a loop of scheduled harmony,” said a producer from the production company.

In the midst of all this, an intriguing scene appeared in episode 90, which aired on August 12.

On their big day, a wedding reception was held at “Alla Fontana,” and the owner, Fusako, who stood up to greet the couple, said that the name of the restaurant came from the Italian word for “fountain” and that it was taken from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s words, “Dig deep where you stand, and there will always be a fountain. The scene introduces that the name of the restaurant is derived from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s words, “Dig deep where you stand, and there is always a spring. This is followed by a scene in which Nietzsche’s words are quoted as follows

The two young people have a bright future ahead of them. However, life is full of peaks and valleys. Please dig deep, gaze at your feet, and dig to the bottom of the fountain.”

These words are a gift. These words may contain a hint for the revival of “Chimu-Don.

Nobuko declares that she will open an Okinawan restaurant when she sees people enjoying Okinawan cuisine prepared by Nobuko at the wedding reception. This is the result of Nobuko’s own digging for a “place to stand.

However, just opening an Okinawan restaurant is nothing more than the expected harmony of events. If she is going to “dig deep,” I would like to see her use her seemingly useless experience working at a newspaper company and an oden stand to show us a surprising foreshadowing of what she is going to do.

Nobuko decides to return to Okinawa after opening a restaurant in Tokyo. In the process, there will be a foreshadowing episode in which Kenshu, aka “Nee-nee,” who has been causing trouble for the family, helps Nobuko out.

There is only a month and a half left to go. With the phrase “dig deep where you stand, and there will surely be a spring” in mind, we can only hope that this film will not become actress Yuna KUROSHIMA’s black history.

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