A “copycat” threatens to recreate the Akihabara massacre… “Selfish motive” of a “copycat”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “copycat” threatens to recreate the Akihabara massacre… “Selfish motive” of a “copycat”.

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The suspect, Yuri, is being prosecuted. He was often talked about on the Internet for his extreme behavior.

He was arrested on August 14 for posting a warning on Twitter that he would commit a crime in Shinjuku or Akihabara in retaliation for the ineffectiveness of the police.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested Junichi Yuri, 23, on suspicion of obstructing police work by posting threats of crimes in Akihabara and other locations on Twitter. On August 8, in addition to the above contents, the suspect posted the following message.

Truck! Akihabara Street Crime: Tomohiro Kato, watch above!” and other tweets.

and other tweets that mimicked the 2008 Akihabara massacre in which 17 people were killed or injured.

He also tweeted, “I can understand Mr. Yamagami’s motive. Akiba doesn’t have a fireworks festival, so I’ll bring a lot of fireworks with me,’ etc. As a result, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department took steps to temporarily cancel the pedestrian paradise in Akihabara. Yuri is said to have admitted to the charges, but he has repeatedly given vague statements about his motive, and the Metropolitan Police Department is carefully investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The post that triggered this arrest. The postings include the name of former death-row inmate Tomohiro Kato and other phrases reminiscent of the indiscriminate killings in Akihabara.

This is not the first time that Yuri has engaged in extreme behavior. In June of this year, he was indicted at home for insulting Takuya Matsunaga, a bereaved family member of the Ikebukuro road rage accident, on SNS, saying, “It looked like he was just fighting for money and repercussions. He was also sent to prison on suspicion of agitated driving in Osaka City on New Year’s Eve last year.

He was famous in some circles as a nuisance on the Internet to begin with. He was nicknamed ‘Pink Altezza’ after his beloved pink LFA Altezza, and he had been uploading his extreme behavior on SNS, using mannequins and toy cars at the scene of accidents in the past to recreate those accidents. Many of the posts featured phrases such as “power harassment” and “unfair dismissal. In March of this year, he posted his dissatisfaction with being fired from his job, and it is believed that such stress may have been the cause of his crime.

This is the third time in less than a year that Yuri has gotten into trouble, and after his indictment at home in June, he said in an interview with a TV station that he wanted to “stop Twittering as much as possible. However, he was arrested only two months later. Why does he keep repeating the same crime? Criminal psychology specialist Deguchi Yasuyuki says, “The reason behind this is a distorted sense of self.

“I think there is a distorted desire for self-aggrandizement in the background. They feel a strong sense of pleasure when the ripple effect they create causes great anxiety and upset in society. He probably could not forget that pleasure.

Slander on social networking sites has a high recidivism rate. Usually, even if they form a motive, the risk of arrest and cost often discourage them from committing the crime, but online slander is a one-touch attack that is easy to carry out. This is also spurred by the fact that they feel they have nothing to lose because they cannot feel successful or accepted in society. Thus, it is easy for them to commit crimes and to re-offend. He says he is talking about staying away from social networking sites, but realistically it will be difficult.”

First of all, I hope he faces his crime firmly.

When he noticed the presence of the press, he turned his head away and got into the convoy.
In March of this year, slanderous remarks were posted in the reply section of Mr. Matsunaga’s Twitter account. Kozo Iizuka’s name was also posted incorrectly.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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