72-year-old Sanyutei Enraku’s “black-heartedness” to return to “Laugh Spot” after the 75-year-old retirement age is proposed. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

72-year-old Sanyutei Enraku’s “black-heartedness” to return to “Laugh Spot” after the 75-year-old retirement age is proposed.

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Sanyutei Enraku (right) returns to the stage after a stroke. He has blurted out the retirement age of 75 for “Laugh Spot,” which will affect Koraku (left), but…

Sanyutei Enraku, 72, a rakugo storyteller who has been undergoing rehabilitation to recover from a stroke, showed his tongue as usual.

He made his return to the stage on the opening day of the August mid-season performance (August 11-20) at the National Engei Theatre in Nagata-cho, Tokyo, and gave an interview to the media afterward, where he showed his persistence in not giving up his regular spot on “Laugh Spot” (Nippon Television Network).

At the press conference, Enraku not only talked about his physical condition, but also about his “current ‘Laugh Spot'” (Nippon Television).

What do you frankly think about the current “Laugh Spot”?

The question was asked not only about Marugaku’s physical condition, but also about the popular TV program in which he appeared regularly.

Since the questioner was a Nippon TV staff member, he asked, “Can I speak frankly? and after confirming that he was, he went on to say, ‘Retirement at 75 years old.

Then, Enraku’s next words were ‘It’s time for a big change,’ ‘Now that Katsura Miyaji has come in, there are plenty of replacements,’ and ‘You’re clinging on, aren’t you, everyone?

The “mandatory retirement age of 75” was suddenly thrown out of the blue. If we apply this to the age of retirement, the 84-year-old Hayashiya Kikugumi is well over the age limit, and Sanyutei Koraku (76) and Sanyutei Koyuzo (75) would be eligible for the retirement age. In other words.

“Those who are clinging on.”

to the audience.

Kikugusen, who is unable to sit on a cushion and continues to perform even though he is seated on a chair, is the very symbol of “clinging. He has been an active performer all his life and has shown no intention of giving up his seat to the next generation, which is even more impressive.

He could “give” his former stage name to his son, Hayashiya Kikuzo, but when it comes to regular appearances on TV programs, he cannot “give it up” at his own discretion.

A person involved in the entertainment industry has the following to say about Enraku’s proposal for a mandatory retirement age of 75 years old.

Even if he is ill, his speech is slurred, and the left half of his body is crippled, it is an expression of his will that he will not quit until he is 75. The TV stations cannot replace a comedian who is battling an illness and hopes to return to the stage.

This is a proposal that is made in anticipation of that situation. If I had said, ‘Retirement at 70,’ I would have been subject to it, but the fact that I did not say so is typical of the 72-year-old Enraku.

Maraku is often called “black-hearted” by the other members of the “Laugh-In” program. He may have been making such calculations behind the scenes when he himself proposed a mandatory retirement age of 75.

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