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illegitimate child revealed! Yuu Abiru “I am God” and “Kizaemon can’t win” declaration video

The public sympathized with Abiru, who made the shocking confession that her daughter was illegally taken away from her, that her daughter was brainwashed, and that she suffered from her husband's domestic violence....... But is such a thing really possible? This magazine has obtained a video that provides a clue to the truth. We directly interviewed Kizaemon, who was in the middle of the controversy.

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Abiru stamps the divorce papers with a smile.

There was a time when “RIZIN” was famous for the wife, Yuu Abiru (36), screaming in the ring near her husband, Kizaemon Saiga (33), as he fought.

However, the couple, who used to fight together in harmony, have now become the subject of a complaint: “Our daughter has been taken away from us! My daughter was neglected! They got married in 2002.

The couple married in 2002. Their first daughter, A, was born in 2003, but the divorce was finalized in 2007. Initially, Kizaemon had custody of the child, but in 2008, Abiru filed a request for a change of custody and in April 2009, custody was transferred to Abiru. In April 2009, custody was transferred to Abiru.

In the Weekly Bunshun and other publications, Abiru claimed that

After the change of custody, Kizaemon asked for the handover of baby A, but Kizaemon refused, saying, “A is crying and doesn’t want to do it. Later, a magistrate from the Tokyo District Court went to the kindergarten that A attends and tried to enforce the order directly, but failed because A cried.

A, who used to be sweet and say, “I love you, Mommy! She had previously said, “I love mommy!” but her attitude had changed drastically, and she began to say things like, “(Abiru) is not my mommy,” and “You are just an aunt who gave birth to me. Kizaemon was the one who made her do so, and he himself had not seen A-chan since March of this year.

The title of the article in the Shukan Bunshun carried the shocking phrases “illegal abduction” and “brainwashing. In addition, Abiru also accused her ex-husband of wrongdoing, saying, “At first, I was given custody because he unilaterally served me with divorce papers,” “One month after our marriage, the domestic violence started,” and “He told me, ‘You are my ATM, so make sure you work hard.

In response to this article, friends of her ex-husband, Kizaemon, and others responded in Women’s Seven magazine, saying, “A-chan refused to hand over the child. The article stated that Abiru’s bad drinking habits and neglect were the reasons why A-chan refused to hand over her child to him. Kizaemon himself was also featured in the magazine.

Kizaemon himself told the magazine in a direct interview, “This is the result of Abiru’s abuse and neglect, and her daughter’s strong will not to go to her mother. There is no brainwashing or imprinting of any kind.

Then Abiru appeared again in Shukan Bunshun. She accused Kizaemon of lying, claiming that the photo of her sleeping drunk was taken before their marriage and that the photo of her pulling on A-chan’s arm was a video of Abiru and A-chan playing with each other. He said that this is why the custody change was made even though Kizaemon presented the court with videos and other evidence of Abiru’s drunkenness and neglect.

Which side of the argument is correct?

This magazine obtained videos that provide a clue. The three videos were taken on December 6, 2019, at 3:00 a.m., before the divorce was finalized. The location is at home, and Abiru appears to be drunk.

Video 1 [Abiru vs. Kizaemon: “I won’t come back for custody” promise].

Video 2 [Abiru VS Kizaemon, I’m the mom of A!

Video 3 [Abiru VS Kizaemon: “I am God”]

I promised to leave custody and divorce her and not come back to get her, didn’t I?” Kizaemon confirms it, but Abiru brushes him off saying, “I can’t win against Yuu. He says that since “I am God,” it is up to him to decide what to do about custody.

In addition, the photo at the beginning of this article is a cutout of the “video of the two of them writing divorce papers together” that appears in their story. In fact, an acquaintance of the two was shown this line from Kizemon.

LINE exchange between Abiru and Kizaemon in December 2018
This is an exchange in April 2018
When asked about custody, he responds, “Why don’t you fight for yourself?” and “I’m sorry.”
Abiru responds to Kizaemon’s question. The response seems to be a bit louche. ……
Regarding custody, “She says she can’t win against Yu!” he says

Two acquaintances say.

I personally think that Mon-chan (Kizaemon) lost in court because of the way he fought, including his choice of lawyer. When I went to his house to visit him, he asked me, ‘A, what are you going to do for lunch? When I asked him if he brainwashed A-chan, he replied, “If I had such ability, I would first brainwash A-chan not to be cheeky with me (laugh). He laughed and said, ‘If I had that kind of ability, I’d brainwash A-chan so that she wouldn’t get cocky with me.

When I showed Kizaemon the video, he admitted, “It is true that I took the video,” and then replied, “I took my daughter illegally.

It is not true that I am illegally taking my daughter away from her, she is with me of her own will. This is something I have no control over.

Some people may misunderstand that I am preventing Mr. Abiru and A-chan from seeing each other, but the opposite is true. I send A-chan’s schedule every week to the group LINE that Abiru, her lawyer, and I have created. And ‘What do you want to do this week?’ and I ask her every time. Abiru-san is making a choice not to meet with me.

I don’t think I can brainwash him. I have no such knowledge or skills, having only done martial arts. I have never said, “I’m just an old lady who gave birth,” nor have I ever taught such words to A-chan. The Shukan Bunshun article made it sound as if I used YouTube videos to imprint and brainwash her, but A-chan watches videos she likes on her own.

Isn’t that generally the case with children everywhere? Parents don’t say, “Watch this video on YouTube,” do they? DV” is also untrue. If I was violent on a daily basis, there would surely be evidence of it, and if a fighter raises his hands against the public, he would be forced to retire. I have splashed water on Ms. Abiru. But that was only because she wouldn’t quit drinking and smoking during her pregnancy no matter how many times I warned her …… Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m forgiven, but I swear I didn’t commit violence.

Women’s Seven published several photos of Ms. Abiru taken by my friends. She explained that the photo of her pulling on A’s arm was a scene of “flirting,” but it was a scene of her grabbing A’s arm and pulling him when he came home drunk late at night. That is what I heard from the person who took that picture.

It was not once or twice that Ms. Abiru came home drunk late at night and knocked me and A-chan awake. That is why there is so much evidence left behind. I never said, ‘You are my ATM.’ At least, when I was with her I never made her open her purse. Our mutual acquaintances can attest to this as well.”

Will Abiru hear this claim and refute it again?

Group line for communication between Abiru, Abiru’s agent, and Kizaemon
Contact group line for Abiru, Abiru’s agent, and Kizaemon
Attended a drinking party with 10 or more friends with A. She puts her mouth on her friend’s foot in front of her daughter. Time is before 10 pm (August 2019).
Yuu Abiru in a goofy mood, face to face with a man in a karaoke room.
Abiru sings with a man in a groove. She looks like she’s having a good time with him.
Abiru seems to be having a good time, but it is 3:00 a.m. and A-chan is lying on the sofa behind her.

Video 4 [Late-night karaoke with A-chan] (December 7, 2019, 3:00 am)

Audio [Kizaemon discussing alcohol dependence with Abiru] (July 2017)

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