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Hiccorohee: The True Face of “TKO” Kimoto Revealed in a Bare-Bones Talk

HIKOROHI is now the office's top earner.

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Hiccorohee during the filming of a drama in a shopping arcade. During a break from filming on location, she was talking openly to an elementary school boy who had come to watch.

Dorobo, someone help me!

On a mid-July evening, a woman’s cries echoed through a shopping street in Yokohama City. The voice belonged to Hiccorohee, 32, a popular comedian. She was caught trying to steal a man’s wallet from his pocket, and a struggle ensued.

During the intermission, she was seen talking to a child who was watching the show in a friendly manner.

He was apparently on location for “Shinigami-san 2,” which will be available on Hulu starting in September. Hiccorohee also appeared in the drama “Mystery and Not to Mention” (Fuji TV) starring Masaki Suda, which attracted a lot of attention” (source from a TV station).

Last year, the number of TV appearances jumped from 18 the previous year to 210. He was ranked third in Oricon’s ranking of breakthrough comedians for the first half of this year. He is popular for his frank talk, even dissing his own agency, Shochiku Enterprises. Even before the recent investment troubles of Takehiro Kimoto (51) of “TKO,” his comment that “Kimoto is the type of person who has been in the dark in some way for a long time” became a topic of conversation.

He has a sense of outlawry that transcends the office, an elusive presence like Naomi Watanabe’s.” He may still act in a falsely evil way with his tsukkomi tens of cm away that ordinary comedians don’t talk about. But in fact, he has a decent sense of balance and somewhat has a bird’s eye view of himself,” says columnist Takahiko Kageyama.

The comedian Hiccorohee will be the focus of more and more attention in the future.

Hiccorohee: The true face of TKO’s Kimoto revealed in a frank talk

From the August 19 and 26, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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