Saori Kimura’s “bare shoulders in super short sleeves” will delight fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saori Kimura’s “bare shoulders in super short sleeves” will delight fans…!

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Saori Kimura exudes an overwhelming presence both during her active career and after her retirement (AFLO)

Former Japanese women’s national volleyball player Saori Kimura has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a photo of herself with her shoulders exposed in a very short sleeve on her Instagram account. The photo has received a flood of comments such as “I can’t get enough of her great smile” and “She’s too cute” and has garnered about 30,000 likes! The photo was taken on Thursday, August 19.

The photo was taken on August 19, Kimura’s birthday, and he was wearing white overalls over a purple super short sleeve shirt. Next to Kimura is Maiko Kano, who was his teammate when he won the bronze medal at the London Olympics. The two of them are holding a large whole cake filled with peach-like fruits, smiling at the camera. Kimura, with his bangs down, smiling like a shiny sun, is very impressive.

And behind the two of them, hair and make-up artists and stylists lined up in a row. All of them were smiling with all their might, showing how much they love Kimura.

The fans were also full of congratulations. “Congratulations Saori-san,” “May you have a wonderful year ahead,” “Keep being happy,” and “Happy Birthday, My Saori.” …… The comment section is overflowing with joyful comments.

Kimura turned 35 this year. Incidentally, August 19th can be read as “Haikyuu”, so Kimura seems to have felt a connection with volleyball since birth. In honor of the nationally popular anime “Haikyu! In a past post, she said of the two characters in the anime, Shoyo Hyuga and Tobio Kageyama, “I was born in Haikyu,” “I was born first and started playing Haikyu,” and “Hyuga and Kageyama are all juniors.

Saori Kimura was called up to the Japanese national team for the first time at the age of 17, and attracted attention as a “super high school girl” at the Athens Olympics. She continued to lead the Japanese national team as an absolute ace, and won a bronze medal at the London Olympics. At the Rio Olympics, she became the first female indoor volleyball player to participate in four consecutive Olympics.

After retiring from active sports due to her overwhelming beauty, she also appeared on the runway of the Tokyo Girls Collection. She was also active as a commentator at the Tokyo Olympics.

We can’t take our eyes off this super 35-year-old who continues to be active even now. ……!

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