Yu Aoi, Shun Oguri, Ryuhei Matsuda… Celebrate omedetta “Two shots of a happy couple”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yu Aoi, Shun Oguri, Ryuhei Matsuda… Celebrate omedetta “Two shots of a happy couple”.

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Yamazato and Aoi reported the birth of their first child in August.

When I first heard her voice, I thought, ‘Wow, it’s going to be my new mission to protect this child.

On the August 13 broadcast of the information program “Saturday, What are you doing? (Fuji Television Network) on August 13, Ryota Yamasato (45) of “Nankai Candies” expressed his joy. Yamasato vowed to “protect this child” after his wife, actress Yu Aoi (36), gave birth to a baby girl. Currently, both mother and child have been discharged from the hospital and are being fed with milk and given temperature-controlled baths.

Aoi-san had been saving her work as an actress since she became the president of an entertainment agency called “taft” last November. When they first got married, Ms. Aoi and Mr. Yamasato were extremely busy and even lived separately for a while. They kept their work in check, probably because they were aware that they wanted to take care of their personal lives. It was in February of this year that Ms. Aoi announced her pregnancy.

Yamasato and Aoi are not the only couple to report an omedetta this year. Oguri Shun (39) and Yamada Yu (38), Matsuda Ryuhei (39) and Morgan Maara (24), “Yoiko” Hamaguchi Yu (50) and Minami Akina (33), “Hanako” Okabe Dai and college junior ……. Many celebrity couples have announced their pregnancies and births. We would like to introduce some of these happy couples with two-shot photos.

They are extremely busy with the birth of their fourth child. ……

Oguri and Yamada on a drive date in Omotesando, Tokyo, in May 2010, before their marriage.

The birth of their fourth child was reported in the July 27 issue of “Post Seven” by Oguri and his wife Yamada. Yamada gave birth in April of this year.

The couple announced their marriage in March 2012; their first child was born in October 2002, their second in September 2004, and their third in June 2008. Their third child was born in June 2008; their oldest daughter, born in 2002, is only 7 years old. With the birth of their fourth child, parenting will be even more difficult.

Even so, the two are doing a good job of raising their child. Mr. Oguri, who plays the main character Hojo Yoshitoki in the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” makes sure to take time out of his busy schedule to play with his children. Mr. Yamada also gets up early every morning and makes his lunch box,” said an employee of a commercial key station.

The couple is also enthusiastic about their children’s education.

In the summer of 2007, they moved to Los Angeles, California, so that Mr. Oguri could try his hand at Hollywood movies. The original plan was to stay only for nine months, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the stay was extended until July 2008. Living in an environment different from Japan seems to have been a great stimulus for the children.

Even though they are busy, these celebrity couples do not neglect their child-rearing duties. Happiness seems to be based on their daily efforts.

Matsuda and Morgan, who announced the birth of their first child in March, on a drive-through date.
Akina Minami and Hamaguchi announced the birth of their first child in July.
Okabe of “Hanako” and Ako, a junior at Waseda University, whose first child was born in March
Maasa Takahashi and her family announced the pregnancy of their second child in August
NHK announcer Mayuko Wakuda, whose pregnancy was reported in “Sports Nippon” in April, and a trading company employee
First child born in July to “Russian fairy” Maria Sharapova and a British businessman
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi Keisuke Nishi Kojiro Yamada Afro

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