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Fans Went Gaga at Anne Shin Hye’s Super Seductive Loungewear!

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Korean professional golf player Anne Shin-hye, known as the “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting attention for her “too seductive loungewear” photo. Comments like “I’m enchanted,” “I love it,” “She’s a goddess,” and “Sexy” poured in.

Unlike her usual golf attire, Anne looks relaxed in her loungewear (from her Instagram @shinaeahn).

Anne is relaxing on the sofa in the photo. She is wearing a white camisole with a bold open chest and a white cardigan over it. Fans must be satisfied with her too natural appearance.

However, Anne seems to have a certain problem…

She says, “I want to read a lot of books, think positively, eat well, stretch, rest well, and practice efficiently, but I can’t do that. There are too many interesting films on Netflix. I need to watch Woo Young Woo (“Lawyer Woo Young Woo is a genius skin”) while eating ice cream” (from Ahn’s Instagram).

Although Ahn is currently training for a full-fledged comeback, it seems that she is unable to resist the temptation of Netflix. Please take care of yourself and your rest between training sessions!

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