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In the Past, there Were Photos of Women in Swimsuits and Naked — Why Kim Yo-Jeong Was Furious With the Korean Flyers

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Yoseong complained that the spread of the new corona in the country was caused by leaflets from South Korea (Image: Reuters/Afro)

The General, who was suffering from a high fever but could not lie down for a moment because of his concern for the people, said, “I am very grateful to you,  Yoseong. He directly showed us measures and policies to protect the lives of the people.”

Kim Yo-jeong, deputy director of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), said this at the National Emergency Quarantine General Conference held in North Korea on August 10. Kim Jong-Un, the country’s leader and older brother, was the man whom Yo-Jeong praised as “the General. He claimed that despite suffering from the disease, Jong-un’s dedicated leadership helped the country triumph over the new coronavirus.

North Korea admitted its first domestic cases of infection in May of this year. At one point, more than 4.77 million people, or 20% of the population, were infected, and 74 people were reported dead. However, at the August 10 meeting, Jong-un emphasized that there has not been a single case of suspected fever since July 29. He proudly declared, “It is an unprecedented miracle in the history of world health,” having overcome the new coronas in just three months.”

Yoseong took the podium next to Jong-un, who declared his victory. He referred to the cause of the spread of coronas in the country as follows.

“The South Koreans have introduced it through leaflets, filthy pamphlets, and vulgar goods scattered on balloons. We must take strong retaliation against South Korea.”

Jong-un’s wife naked with male aide:

This is not the first time North Korea has taken issue with leaflets sprayed from South Korea. As long ago as 70 years ago, during the Korean War (1950-1953), the two Koreas exchanged criticisms of each other through leaflets. During the Korean War (1950-1953), some 70 years ago, the two Koreas exchanged criticisms of each other through leaflets.

In the 1980s, Korea began to emphasize its freedom and abundance of goods. Some of the pictures were of beautiful celebrities in swimsuits. The young Korean People’s Army soldiers on the front lines must have been astonished by the sophisticated and beautiful female bodies. In North Korea, it is forbidden to circulate photos of women exposing their skin. For them, it may have been the first time to see a woman’s skin.

In April 2008, a large number of leaflets were also distributed from the Korean side. They also contained content that slandered the Kim family. Jong-un is the son of an adulterer, and his father, Jong-il, was born in a field hospital in the former Soviet Union. But that is not all. It is said that a composite photo of Jong-un’s wife, Ri Xue-jae, and a male member of her entourage lying naked was also sent to the site. It is so obscene that it is the biggest insult to North Korea.

In May 2020, Yo-jong called then South Korean President Moon Jae-in “nauseating,” “disgusting,” and “iron-faced,” and blew up the North-South Joint Liaison Office, which was effectively an embassy. What was the reason for Yo-jong to reveal Jong-un’s poor health this time and to criticize the South Korean leaflets again? Shinichi Hen, editor-in-chief of the Korea Report and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, offers his opinion.

In North Korea, the health of the supreme leader is top secret. Normally, it would be a super-secret matter. The reason why Jong-un dared to say that he was suffering from a high fever but did his best was probably to show off his leadership ability and love for the people. I believe that Jong-un was probably infected with a new type of corona, but if he had made that clear, his ability to manage his health would have been questioned, so he chose to say that the cause of the fever was fever of unknown origin.

We do not know if the spread of infection was caused by the leaflets from the South Korean side. However, it is a fact that North Korea has been inconvenienced by the leaflets. Toward the domestic market, the leaflets are meant to tell people never to look at them. To the South Koreans, I think it was a threat that if they spread any more leaflets, they would get a free pass.

Yoseong provoked South Korea, calling it “our main enemy” and saying that if it continued its dangerous pranks, it would be quickly annihilated. The ROK Ministry of Unification has responded, saying, “This is an unreasonable claim and extremely disrespectful.”

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