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Celebrating the Birth of their Rirst Child! Ryota Yamasato & Yu Aoi Date-Night Stroll Photos

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Yamazato and Aoi strolling in a residential area late at night last August

“I have a newborn daughter. No – I’m a father. (Witnessing the birth) I heard her crying, and within a few tenths of a second I was sobbing.”

On August 10, Ryota Yamasato (45) of “Nankai Candies” reported the birth of his first child. He reported the birth of his first child on his radio program, “Wednesday JUNK: Yamazato Ryota’s Barren Discussion” (TBS Radio). (TBS Radio). He said, “I’m not the kind of person who would do such a thing,” but he immediately changed the standby screen of his smartphone to a picture of his beloved daughter.

Although the date of her daughter’s birth has not been revealed, it appears that Aoi gave birth during the month of July. Both mother and child have already been discharged from the hospital and are doing well at home. We hear that Ms. Yamasato is also enthusiastic about raising her child, giving her milk and giving her temperature-controlled baths.

Ms. Yamasato had been recuperating for about two weeks after contracting a new type of coronavirus in July, and it was her first appearance on a TBS radio program in three It was the first time in three weeks that he appeared on a TBS radio program. The timing of the announcement was apparently Aoi’s idea that she should be the first to report the news on her show.

Yamazato married actress Yu Aoi (36) in June 2019. They have been a married couple for four years, and their long-awaited first child was born.

At the beginning of their marriage, they lived separately.

At the time of their marriage, Yamasato was a very successful actress with 10 regular TV programs. Aoi, on the other hand, was also busy with a special drama series, “Shikattekatta todontte nai” (NHK), as well as movies and commercials. Their schedules were so full that they were separated due to their busy schedules.

They took advantage of the free time in their schedules to move their furniture into their new home and start their married life together. Whenever they had a day off, they would watch live performances of “Angulum,” an idol group they shared a passion for, or Takarazuka performances on DVD, or go to the movies in secret. Even though they were busy, Ms. Yamasato and Mr. Aoi were really good friends even back then.

This magazine has also frequently witnessed the two on friendly dates. On a night in August last year, they were strolling along a quiet residential street in Tokyo, exchanging smiles and wearing matching sneakers. They returned to their apartment about an hour later.

“The turning point was last November. Aoi became the president of an entertainment production company called ‘taft.’ Under her real name, Yu Yamazato, she became involved in photo collections, book editing, and activities to revitalize the movie industry.

Since that time, Aoi has been saving her work as an actress. Her appointment as president of an entertainment production company may have been one of the reasons for this, but she may have been aware that she wanted to take care of her personal life. It was in February of this year that Aoi announced her pregnancy.”

A very successful couple who managed to work their way through their careers to find happiness. Yamasato apologized on the radio program where she reported the birth, saying, “I’m sorry, my uncle talked about it so deliriously,” but fans hope they continue to enjoy their loving home!

  • Photo by Nishi Keisuke

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