Celebration! The Future of the “Hideki Family” Seen in the Announcement of Maasa Takahashi’s “Second Child Pregnancy | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebration! The Future of the “Hideki Family” Seen in the Announcement of Maasa Takahashi’s “Second Child Pregnancy

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January 2021. Enjoying sushi with the Takahashi family. Hideki Takahashi looked like an old man.

I’m sorry to make this personal, but we are expecting our second child.

On November 11, freelance announcer Maasa Takahashi (40) made a live appearance on “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a regular weekly program, and announced that she is pregnant with her second child. She is currently in her seventh month and is expected to give birth at the end of November.

Speaking of Maasa, it has recently become a topic of conversation that she has lost a lot of weight. For about a month now, fans have been asking, “Isn’t she too thin? Are you okay?” and “Are you okay? After the show, she wrote on her blog

I was told that my cheeks were chapped and that I had lost a lot of weight, but it seems to be my constitution, as it was the same with my first child that my cheeks became chapped during pregnancy. I couldn’t really say why, but today I feel better (laughs).”

She reassured her fans by saying that she was in good health. She also added, “I’m not going to give birth because of the coronary disaster.

I am in a position to encourage those who are anxious about having a COVID-19 crisis baby and tell them that they will be fine,” she said.

She even showed her concern for pregnant women who are in the same situation as her. And the person who is probably more excited than anyone else about this pregnancy is Maasa’s father, Hideki Takahashi (77).

In 2006, Maa married a man one year older than her and moved to “Grape Company” with Hideki. Since then, they have had many opportunities to perform together as father and daughter, and when their first child, a daughter, was born in April 2008, Ms. Takahashi was very happy that she could spend more time with her first grandchild.

(A TV station official) This magazine had caught the first shot of the three generations of such close friends, father and son, in January of last year. On that day, Hideki and his wife and five members of the Maasa family were at a sushi restaurant in Ebisu (Shibuya Ward). They left the restaurant just before it closed at 8 p.m. due to a declared state of emergency, and walked along the main street for a bit, but perhaps because it was so cold, they stopped a passing cab and only the Maa family got in. Hideki looked into the car and kept waving at the baby until it drove away, with a “good-natured” look on his face.

When asked about his first grandchild at an event he attended with Maasa last April, Takahashi replied

When he turns 20, I want to give him a car. I want to buy him almost everything he wants, 100% of everything.

He made no attempt to hide his doting love for his grandchildren. I wonder what kind of doting comment he will make when his second child is born.

A month or so ago, Maasa worried her fans because she had lost a lot of weight, but now she says that “mother and child are both in perfect health.
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