Fans Went Gaga by the New Star of Taiwanese Cheerleaders Who Is a Hit With Her “Office Girl’s” Costume! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans Went Gaga by the New Star of Taiwanese Cheerleaders Who Is a Hit With Her “Office Girl’s” Costume!

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Chonny of the “Rakuten Girls” dances in an office worker-style costume (image from YouTube channel “Taiwan Cheer TV”).

The “Kitsune Dance” performed by the Fighters Girls of the Nippon Ham baseball team has not stopped, and on August 9, the cheering squad of Sapporo Otani, which is participating in the summer Koshien (the National High School Baseball Championships), performed it in the stands.

The “Kitsune Dance” is considered a hit due to the catchiness of the song, the ease of dancing, and various other factors, but the cuteness of the dancing Fighters girls, including their costumes, is also a major factor. However, the “cheerleading situation” in other parts of the world is also heating up. A “new star” has appeared in the Taiwanese cheerleading world.

I am Xiong justici, a member of the “Rakuten Girls,” the cheerleaders of the “Rakuten Monkeys. I am Xiong justici, a member of Rakuten Girls, the cheerleaders of Rakuten Monkeys. She is the youngest member of the Rakuten Girls, at 19 years old, and just joined the team in 2009.

In other words, she is like a high school graduate rookie who has just joined the team. Why is she such a hot topic?

She became a topic of conversation when she posted a video on the YouTube channel “Taiwan Cheer TV” in late June. The video was titled “Salaryman Day,” and the image of Chung-Nee dancing in a tight white shirt and black mini-skirt in the style of an office worker became popular. The comments section was filled with delighted comments from fans, such as “I think the person who thought of this project is a genius. Although she is still young, she has experience studying dance in Italy. He is still young, but one of the reasons for his popularity is that he is a “talented player” who has studied dance in Italy.

Like the Japanese baseball world, the Taiwanese baseball world is suffering from a decline in attendance and revenue due to the COVID-19 crisis. In the midst of this situation, various measures are being introduced to bring people back to the ballpark. The aforementioned reporter continues.

Despite the “Kitsune Dance” being a big hit, Nichi-Ham’s attendance per game is still about 16,000, far below the league average of about 20,000 (as of August 9, 2012). Although the Taiwanese baseball world has introduced various measures, it is unclear whether they will lead to an immediate increase in attendance. However, the COVID-19 crisis is still not under control in either Japan or Taiwan, and there is no doubt that people continue to show a tendency toward self-restraint. Awareness is definitely growing, and once Corona shows signs of abating, we are sure to see an effect on attracting more visitors.

Many fans would like to see the Fox Dance and the Chonny in person at the stadium. I want to see the fox dance and the Chonny in person at the stadium! The real “effect” will probably not be seen for some time to come.

Shonny performs in an office worker-style costume. Image from Chonny’s Instagram
Posing in a corner of the stadium. Fans were delighted. Image from Shonny’s Instagram

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