Wife Requests 500,000 Yen To Kill her Husband — Defendant Pleads Not Guilty for Terrible Reasons | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Wife Requests 500,000 Yen To Kill her Husband — Defendant Pleads Not Guilty for Terrible Reasons

The Horror of "Resentment Removal Agents" on Twitter

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While sleeping in your own house, which is supposed to be locked, you are suddenly attacked with a knife. How horrified is he? What is more, the attackers are two “hit men” hired by his wife.

On July 14, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

I don’t think it was attempted murder. Considering what I did, I don’t think it was attempted murder.

At his arraignment on July 4, Konishi pleaded not guilty. According to his defense attorney, “Since I did not receive the compensation I had promised to pay him in advance, it does not constitute attempted murder. In addition to Konishi, another defendant, Ryota Sakai (22, charged with the same crime), a friend of Konishi’s, was at the scene that day, and it was Sakai who stabbed Ms. A with a knife.

Neither Konishi nor Sakai knew Mr. A. Therefore, neither of them held a grudge against the other. Therefore, they held no grudge. They were asked by Ms. A’s wife, Takita Miyuki (44, charged with the same crime), to kill Ms. A via SNS as an “agent for clearing up a grudge,” and they committed the crime for the 500,000 yen reward they were offered.

The circumstances of the crime were revealed in the opening statements of both parties. According to the statement, Konishi saw a tweet on Twitter last year soliciting work as an “agent for clearing off grudges,” and contacted the defendant. Takita was introduced to Konishi from that account. Takita offered him 500,000 yen to kill her husband, Mr. A, and Konishi agreed.

After July 2021, Konishi purchased a survival knife, an axe, a mask, and other items on Amazon to prepare for the murder. On the night of August 6, he received the following message from Takita and went to the crime scene.

I can do it because my husband is tired at midnight today. Please do it if you can carry it out as it is.”

At around 2:30 a.m. on the 7th, when the date changed, defendants Konishi and Sakai arrived at the apartment where Mr. A was sleeping with an axe and survival knife in their hands, respectively. Takita invited them in through the front door and they went inside. Then, the strong-armed Sakai entered Ms. A’s room and stabbed her in the chest with the knife he was holding. Immediately after this, Konishi said to Sakai, “Hold her down! When Ms. A woke up and began to resist, they left the house. They did not receive any compensation.

In his opening statement, defense counsel argued that no conspiracy had been formed, saying, “On the day of the incident, I went to the house, but before receiving the 500,000 yen, Sakai stabbed Mr. A. Receiving the reward in advance was an important promise essential to the commission of the crime. The act of stabbing without receiving the reward is a serious deviation from the prior conspiracy.

Konishi, who applied for the job after seeing a tweet on a social networking service looking for a “grudge-busting agent” and undertook the murder for 500,000 yen, is, of course, neither a professional hit man nor a professional assassin. His preparation was sloppy, and he left traces of his own crime. Several months before the incident, Konishi had quit his job as a scout and moved in with a woman he was dating, and the tools for the killings were purchased on the woman’s Amazon account. The woman also saw him return to the woman’s house after the crime and discuss the case with Sakai. The woman stated the following in her statement.

“He started keeping in touch with the woman around June of last year. The voice coming from the phone saying ‘Hello’ was a woman. He was also told that he had met the other person. He said, ‘We talked about work,’ and the woman said, ‘My husband’s attitude toward my children is terrible, and I want you to do something about him. I was curious about what she wanted him to do, so I asked her what she wanted him to do, and she said, ‘Kidnap him or something. ‘ Around this time, he started using my Amazon account to buy things like axes.”

“In August, he suddenly dressed in black, took an axe and said, ‘I’m going camping,’ and left, returning a few hours later with Sakai-kun. Sakai-kun said, ‘I stabbed him, but I couldn’t fully stab him. I feel like I stabbed him as hard as I could, but there was no blood at all.’ He said, ‘That’s not what you told me. I said I would give it to him first, but he said he would give it to me later. I should have done it with an axe, too,’ she said, sounding a little depressed.”

The woman took pictures of the two men at this time. It showed defendants Konishi and Sakai holding knives. However, Konishi says he “doesn’t remember” this photo during the defendant’s questioning.

Defense counsel: “There is a picture of you and Sakai after the incident, holding a knife and making a peace, do you remember that?”

Defendant Konishi: “I don’t remember.”

Defense counsel: “Do you also remember that his upper body is naked, and why?”

Defendant Konishi: “Yes.

He also repeated that “Sakai committed the crime alone.

When I was peeking into the bedroom with Sakai, he passed me, entered the bedroom, straddled the sleeping Ms. A, and immediately stabbed her. After that, he told me to ‘hold him down,’ so I tried to hold him down. But before I could hold him down, Mr. A already got up. I tried to run away, but Mr. A caught me and I didn’t resist. The “A” suddenly weakened and let go of my hand, so I ran away.

In other words, Konishi claims that he “did nothing at the scene. However, Ms. A, the victim, has a different story. What did Ms. A, who found herself stabbed in the chest by a stranger she had never met before while she was sleeping, say in court?

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  • Interview and text by Yuki Takahashi

    Bystander. Freelance writer. Author of "Tsukebi no Mura: Did a Rumor Kill Five People? (Shobunsha), "Runaway Senior Citizen, Crime Theater" (Yoizensha Shinsho), "Kanae Kijima, Dangerous Love" (Tokuma Shoten), "Kanae Kijima Theater" (Takarajimasha), and many other books based on interviews and trial hearings of murder cases, including the older "Kasumikko Club: Daughters' Trial Hearing Diary" (Shinchosha). Confessions of Escaped Criminals" (Shogakukan) was newly published.

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