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I Was So Physically Compatible With My Lover and I Just Couldn’t Leave Her!

Sanae Kameyama reports on "There is a Reason for Adultery

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42-year-old man who was caught, stabbed by his wife, and “drowned” in his lover’s body, Sanae Kameyama reports on the heaven and hell he experienced.

When married men and women fall in love. Pleasure and danger go hand in hand.

Every day I see my ex at work.

After my wife, Kana, stabbed me, she began to work even harder. I felt somewhat pained and felt that I was pushing her to do more. At home, we took care of each other. However, we decided to be cheerful in front of our children. Both of us had experienced hardships at home growing up. But I was also stressed about being a good parent.

When I went to the office, I would see Yoko, with whom I had a year-long relationship. Kana was on a different floor, but she and Yoko were relatively well connected at work. We had avoided each other, but once bumped into each other on the way home. Yoko was careful not to come home at the same time as Toshio, but she laughed and said, “I just stopped by a bookstore by accident and we ran into each other.”

When I saw that smile, I realized that I really like Yoko. It was probably the first time in my life that I truly thought I liked someone. I couldn’t even hide the fact that I liked her. I thought it would be unnatural. I told Yoko that. She said, ‘I like you, too.

Meeting after meeting with the COVID-19 crisis

In the end, only a year or so after his wife stabbed him and left him, he went back on the road. We discussed that this time we would be discreet with each other so that we would never be found out. Just at that time, we entered the COVID-19 crisis. I once left home by bicycle, saying, “I’m going for a jog because I don’t get enough exercise,” and went to a hotel to meet her.

I wanted to see him so badly, and I thought he loved me enough to go that far. I even fiddled with my phone and exchanged messages with Yoko in front of my family because it was work.”

There was a time when Kana also went to work three times a week. Not being able to work to her heart’s content must have been very stressful for her, Toshio says. The couple had tried to make it seem as if things were going well for the sake of their children, but they could no longer cover it up.

I think she couldn’t forgive me for having an affair,” Toshio said. But since I had injured her, she couldn’t complain. Maybe it would have been better if she had hit me more. Maybe it would have cleared things up for both of us.”

Nevertheless, the curtain was cut again on the affair. Toshio was no longer considering stopping this love affair midstream.

Tosio and Yoko continued to meet, bypassing various restrictions, such as the declaration of a state of emergency and measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The more they were forbidden to see each other, the more passionate their love became.

Though they wanted to protect their “daily life,” the children were 15 and 12 years old at the time.

At the time, their children were 15 and 12 years old. They wanted to maintain their home. I just wanted to make time to see Yoko once a week. And that became the top priority in my life. But then, “It was the summer of last year.

It was last summer. I received an e-mail from an unknown address to my company e-mail address. It said, ‘Please return my wife. It was Yoko’s husband. That was the first time I realized that there was a possibility that Yoko’s husband would find out. . Yoko never talks about her home life, so I was careless. I didn’t want to worry her, so I secretly contacted the man and said, “Let’s meet. He said, “Let’s meet. He indicated a city hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, he now gave me his room number. He invited me into the room and offered me ‘a cup of coffee,’ but I was too scared to drink it. My husband was I was told that my husband was in his fifties and sickly. I had heard that my husband was in his fifties and sickly, but this man was very stout. I was afraid to take it. In a quiet tone, he asked me, ‘What are you going to do about your relationship with Yoko? ‘ I had no way to answer.”

Then he stood up and put his hands around his neck. He is going to kill me. I shivered all over my body at the thought. I whispered that I was leaving him. She said she thought in her heart that if she had known Yoko had such a husband, she would have left him earlier.

Then her husband said, ‘Don’t you know what alimony is? I asked him, ‘How much do you want? He said, ‘Four million. He said, ‘Four million. I have a secret deposit with my wife. I had about 4 million in a secret deposit with my wife. I had about 4 million in a secret deposit with my wife. I had been saving it for the children, and I was willing to give it to them. That’s what I thought.

The man’s hand tightened. He had no choice but to say, “I’ll give it to you.” Demanding that the money be handed over three days later, he withdrew his company deposit and met her husband again.

He also made me write a written pledge never to see Yoko again. After I paid, I informed Yoko that I would never see her again. She said, ‘Why? She was insistent. I just left a message saying, ‘I want you to ask your husband.

Soon after that, Toshio was transferred to a new position and no longer had to see Yoko. Enough was enough, he thought despondently, love was never going to work from the beginning.

She had divorced him.

Two months later, he learned that Yoko had resigned from the company.

He said, “It was a family matter. I had a bad feeling about it, and I couldn’t help but call Yoko. She didn’t pick up the phone, but LINE and she told me that she was divorced, that her husband had been violent to begin with, and that she had only managed to get custody of her children. I asked if I could see him, but he said he couldn’t right now.”

Meanwhile, when his wife found out about the deposit, she demanded an explanation as to why he had withdrawn so much money. I lied and said that I had lent it to her because a friend had asked me to do so. On the other hand, I contacted Yoko many times. But there was no response to my messages or phone calls.

In the spring of this year, just as he was about to give up, Toshio bumped into Yoko.

He said, “We met downtown, where I don’t usually go. I was surprised. She told me that she worked at a nearby restaurant. I was surprised to see her. She gave me her business card and told me to come by the next time I was in town.

And now, Toshio and Yoko’s romance is entering its third act. He blames himself for not being able to break up with her after so much regret, but he says he can’t give up on her when he thinks her life has been ruined because of him.

I’m still a company employee, I still have a job, and my family is holding its own,” he says. But Yoko… I’m still working at my job and I’m still holding on to my family. She says it was a good thing that we divorced, but I still feel responsible. Besides… We are too physically compatible. That may be the main reason why I can’t break up with her.

However, if she finds out again, Kana will probably ask for a divorce. The children, who are now old enough to be out of the family, will hate their father. I want to avoid that. I think it would be better to separate from Yoko when the time is right. Toshio said, “I know that, but I can’t bring myself to say so.

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