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A 42-Year-Old Man Who Was Addicted to His Lover’s Body Was Stabbed by His Wife!

Sanae Kameyama reports on "There is a reason for adultery.

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<In May ’19, a 20-year-old host was stabbed in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The person who stabbed him was a female customer of the host. A bloody photo of her immediately after the crime, in which she said she stabbed him because she “loved him too much,” became a topic of conversation. Was her passion to the point of “stabbing” the host not out of hatred, but out of attachment? A man who was stabbed by his wife after being caught having an affair told us the whole story of his love.

His wife stabbed him after he was caught cheating on her. The reason why such a man could not leave her…. Was it the sympathy for his upbringing and the physical chemistry that made him fall madly in love with her?

Why did the bloody affair happen?

Even adultery is “love itself” for those involved. They do not enter into love with an eye toward the future. Love is passion and lust.

My wife stabbed me with a knife.

He was 42 years old. He was 42 years old when he was stabbed by his wife after she found out about his adultery. It was truly a bloody affair.

He said, “I was stabbed. I still have a scar where I was stabbed, right here.

He pointed to the thigh of his right leg.

‘I met my girlfriend with whom I was having an affair, and when I came home late at night, my wife was standing in the doorway, standing on her dignity. ‘Is it true that you and Yoko are having an affair?’ ‘ She gave me the name of the other person, and I just told her not to talk to me in such a vulgar way. My wife became furious and came at me with a kitchen knife hidden behind her back, saying, ‘Die. I couldn’t dodge her, and she stabbed me in the left leg. My wife sat down screaming, even though she had stabbed herself, so I called an ambulance myself. Well, no wonder this happened, I thought somewhere.”

She was bleeding badly, but fortunately the wound was not that deep. I was treated and only had to stay in the hospital for two days. The hospital almost called the police, but he desperately insisted that he had done it himself. He said he had been slicing a fish and had misplaced his hand, and it had slipped.

The doctors were skeptical,” he said. The doctors suspected it, but my wife wouldn’t let him come to the hospital. When I left the hospital, she said, ‘I’m sorry. I told her it was me who should apologize. I don’t know whether my wife was jealous because she loved me or because she thought she had been neglected. But for now, neither of us has any intention of divorce. Family life is, on the surface, back to normal.

However, things got even more bogged down from there.

A Marriage Attracted by Weakness

Toshio was born and raised in a relatively affluent family in a prefecture near Tokyo. His mother, who was devoted to education, sent his older sister, who was three years older than him, to a private junior high school in Tokyo. She also wanted him to “get into a good school.

I was not a very good student. My mother, frustrated, sent me to cram school from the third grade, and from the fourth grade I had a private tutor. That is how I managed to pass the junior high school entrance examination. My father was indifferent to children. Apparently, they had a separate house, but my father himself was an ordinary businessman. It was my mother’s family that was wealthy. Because of that, I think my father had a strange sense of indebtedness to my mother. I can see that now, though.”

He was supposed to be able to go up the escalator to college, but he took off; he wasted one year and entered another college. At that point, my mother told me, “You failed me. I want the money back for the education I spent on you. He left home without telling me. His parents paid his tuition and he was able to graduate from college, but since then he has rarely seen his mother.

My mother had excessive expectations of me and treated me like a traitor when I didn’t live up to her expectations,” he said. After graduating from college, I joined a company that happened to hire me. I didn’t really have any hopes or ambitions.”

He had no ambition for his job, so he worked “just as he pleased,” with his hard-working classmates by his side. He stopped attending class reunions. However, one of his classmates, Kana, for some reason contacted him and sometimes went out for drinks with him.

She was later assigned to the Kansai area. Rumor has it that she was working hard as a successful saleswoman. I remained a no-good employee.”

Four years later, Kana returned to Tokyo. She had always been a beautiful woman, but her confidence had grown even stronger. She continued to work energetically and actively asked him out. He was not aware of whether he was in love or not, since he had never been “into people or things” in the first place.

28 I was 28 years old when she suddenly said, ‘Let’s get married. We didn’t even have a man-woman relationship. She said, ‘I feel like I have a connection with you. When I told her I didn’t think I could make her happy, she replied, ‘I decide what makes me happy.

Her proposal moved him. Since it was rare for Toshio to be emotionally moved, he became aware of Kana as a woman, and they began to spend more time together. As a result, they found out that they had grown up in a similar environment.

Kana was raised by a strict father who beat her from childhood. His hands flew faster than his words. He was not a bad man, but his hands were fast anyway, and his mother was often beaten, Kana said tearfully.

She said, tearfully, that her mother used to beat her too. “That’s why she couldn’t stop worrying about me, a vague, willful person,” she said. She said she wanted to be with someone who wasn’t angry with her. When I heard that, I thought it was similar to my mother’s rejection of me, in the sense that I distrusted my parents.”

They had never talked much about their childhoods before, but they hit it off and decided to get married at the age of 28. He felt that “this was fate.

From a Steady Life, He Suddenly Ran to a Woman

Married life was hectic. He worked in different departments of the same company, and his wife was better at her job. When their two children were born, Toshio worked shorter hours.

But I think it worked out well for us,” he said. Kana is suited to working hard outside the home. I enjoyed raising my child. I heard there was a lot of talk within the company, but neither of us minded.

But then, after a few years had passed since their youngest child entered elementary school, he suddenly ran away with a woman, perhaps feeling relieved. He recalls that it was surprising even to him.

He was surprised to find himself running with a woman,” he recalls. At the time, Kana was a top sales executive, and I wasn’t in a department that was in the sun, partly because of my shortened working hours. The other woman was Yoko from another sales department. This is another woman who can do it, and she is someone who was pulled in from another company in the same industry. She is five years younger than me. She has one daughter, and I have heard her say that she can put all her energy into her work because she lives with her husband’s mother. You also told me that her husband was prone to illness.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t like his wife. Rather, he respected her. She is a woman like the sun, full of energy for life. However, perhaps “being married to someone you admire” is more difficult than it seems.

A year of too much intensity. I indulged my body.

I spent an intense year with Yoko. Like my wife, Yoko was a woman who could do her job well. She was a Japanese beauty with a slightly old-fashioned face. Above all, there is a certain sexiness about her. She made me feel at home when I was with her. We were a good match sexually as well.

We were compatible sexually as well. Kana was always tired and fell asleep, so the couple did not have sex.

She said, “This is the first time I’ve indulged myself in a woman’s body. I never thought it would be so much fun for the two of us to make out. Yoko and I would go cherry blossom viewing, and in the summer we would go to see fireworks, and it was as if we were redoing things we couldn’t do when we were younger.

Yoko’s husband was a year older than her, and she had heard that they did not talk much. The two of them made it a priority to just be together, without “the guilt of adultery. It was fun. These days lasted about a year, and then his wife was stabbed. The stabbing made him finally realize that he was hurting his wife. I told Yoko everything and decided to leave her.

After being stabbed by his wife, the love affair was supposed to be over. But it didn’t end. And then another incident occurred. Continue to [ Part 2] “I was so physically compatible with my affair partner… ‘I just couldn’t leave him.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama

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