Yukina Kinoshita’s “J-Leaguer Lover” is in a pinch to leave the team and turn into a YouTuber? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “J-Leaguer Lover” is in a pinch to leave the team and turn into a YouTuber?

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Yukina Kinoshita and J-Leaguer Miyuki in a Steady Relationship, but…

Yukina Kinoshita, a YouTube star, is in big trouble with her boyfriend.

Kinoshita has been dating the comedy duo FUJIWARA’s Toshifumi Fujimoto since they divorced in December 19 After their divorce in December ’19, she has been in an open relationship with midfielder Hidetoshi Miyuki, who plays for J2 Omiya soccer team.

According to Kinoshita’s story in a video collaboration with Tenchim in May, their relationship was a coincidence that happened at a car store. After his divorce from Fujimoto, he decided to buy a new car because he was being remembered by a weekly magazine

I like Mercedes-Benz, so I decided to go back to Mercedes-Benz again. (I went to the dealership.) There was a guy who knew a lot about cars. He was very handsome…”

This was Sanko.

He asked me if I could ask him to help me buy the car.

and he helped her with the purchase. Later, when she found out he was a J-League player, they hit it off and developed a relationship.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that Miyuki may leave his team at the end of this season.

He was left out of the J1 club Shonan last season and moved to J2 club Omiya this season. He started the first five games of the season, but failed to produce any results, and his appearances declined dramatically after that.

However, he was unable to produce any results, and after that, his opportunities to play dropped dramatically. For Miyuki, it was as if he had lost someone who understood him. He has not played a game in nearly three months due to injury and other factors.

Considering the team’s strength, he is effectively “out of the lineup,” and is likely to leave the team at the end of this season. Sanko is 29 years old this year. He is 29 this year, which is not young for a player.

I think there are some players who would be interested in joining Omiya if I give up my title as a J-League player and drop down to the JFL or a league below that,” he said. I’m sure there will be some takers, if he gives up his J-League title and drops to the JFL or lower league. Either way, it is likely to be a tough winter for Miko.

Kinoshita became hooked on soccer through her relationship with Miko, and she has attended many J2 Omiya games. She has been seen singing team songs with Omiya supporters, complete with choreography.

He has been seen enthusiastically singing team songs with Omiya supporters. “I know the professional world is tough, so I don’t think our loving relationship will change even if I leave Omiya. In fact, the new club might as well think, ‘If we get Sanko, Yukina Kinoshita will come along with him. It will be a topic of conversation.

Sanko himself has also gained recognition through his relationship with Kinoshita. At the J2 season opener on February 19, when he started, former Japan national team player Ryuji Hariido, who was commentating on DAZN, said, “Kare (Miyuki) has a lot of things going on.

Kare (Miyuki) is making a lot of noise.

He is a very active player. He may even turn into a YouTube star after he retires from the team.

There are more and more soccer-related YouTubers such as Sergio Echigo, Tulio, Shoji Shiro, and Keita Suzuki,” he said. It is a tough world if you are an unknown player or have never represented Japan, but he has name recognition. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he and Kinoshita-san did soccer commentary together?”

If he is no longer a J-League player, it will be difficult for him to make a living, but if he breaks through as a YouTube star, it will more than make up for it.

This summer, Kinoshita has been updating his YouTube videos every day. The number of views varies from around 30,000 to 200,000, but continuity is important. In addition to this, there are short videos, so I am sure that he earns several million yen a month.

A new member, his girlfriend, has joined the group. Will they all be active as YouTubers one day?

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