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Mari Iide’s Romance! Issei Takahashi and “Big Names” Whose Romances is Similar With Issei Takahashi

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Takahashi (right) and Iide return home to the same apartment buildiing.

Issei Takahashi (41) and Marie Iide (24) The two are from the same family. A couple with a 17-year age difference, have been the focus of attention recently.

 NHK drama “Kishibe Rohan wa Mukonenai” that aired at the end of the year  2020 and at the end of 2021. It is thought that this is where they became closer, and they were spotted going in and out of the same apartment building.

Both Takahashi and Iide have built up a reputation for their solid acting skills. Therefore, the Internet has generally viewed their relationship favorably. However, when we interviewed industry insiders, we found a slightly different story.

It seems that the change in Issei Takahashi’s dating partner overlaps with the image of a certain problematic actor. Who is it?  I think it’s a little bit different from what we’re used to.

I’m not sure who it is, but it’s that Yusuke Iseya (46) Iseya is a man who has been rumored to be dating a woman close to his age.  Ryoko Hirosue (42), Hinano Yoshikawa  (42), Yoshino Kimura (46) etc.

However In 2009, he appeared in the drama “Shirasu Jiro” of ( NHK ), the age of my dating partners began to drop drastically. Model Yu Hirukawa, who was his rumored girlfriend is around 10 years younger than him, and actress Masami Nagasawa is 11 years younger than him and his latest girlfriend, model Hoshi Mori, before he was caught for violating the Marijuana Control Law, was 16 years younger than him 16 years younger than him.

I’m going that way.

Like Iseya, Issei Takahashi’s dating history has changed dramatically from before to after his breakthrough.

He was in the drama “Quartet” (TBS). TBS and NHK’s “Quartet. NHK drama “Onna Jôshu Naotora” on NHK. In 2005, he got his big break, and shortly after that he was caught dating Aoi Morikawa, an actress 15 years younger than him.

“Until then, Takahashi’s previous partners were Machiko Ono (40) and Rena Tanaka (40). Since most of Takahashi’s previous partners were of the same generation and more settled, it was a disappointment to his fans that he would go that way as soon as he became successful. But he and Morikawa broke up relatively soon after that. After that, there were no more rumors, so many fans tried to forget about it, saying, ‘That was just a temporary fling ‘” (The entertainment reporter mentioned above).

Of course, it is too early to say that they are similar only by the age of their dating partners. However, many people who know both Issei Takahashi and Yusuke Iseya well have said that the two have a lot in common.

Iseya is very smart and confident, and he is the type of person who likes to discuss things in interviews. Takahashi, on the other hand, does not seem to be an argumentative person, but he is the type who likes to talk about his vast knowledge on his own. Both of them are charming, but both are a bit of a pain in the ass. If this is the case, it is likely that women who have reached a certain age will shun them, saying, “They are a pain in the ass” or “I already know their kind.”

“And the most important thing in common is that both of them are perfectionists and have very little desire to get married. When it comes to women of their generation, many of them want to get married as soon as possible, so it is difficult to see the benefit of dating them even if they put up with this hassle. When it comes to women who are attracted to older men who know things and are not in a hurry to get married, they will inevitably end up getting younger and younger” (interview writer).

As far as we know, most of Iseya’s relationships last one to two years. People are wondering if they will be similar in that way or not.  Fans are keeping an eye on Takahashi and Iide’s relationship.

  • Photographed by Sota Shima

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