Famous Singer and Composer Katsuhiko Miki To Marry for the Fourth Time to a Woman 37 Years Younger | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Famous Singer and Composer Katsuhiko Miki To Marry for the Fourth Time to a Woman 37 Years Younger

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Katsuhiko Miki is to be married for the fourth time. He and his partner, Miki Kogure, are a couple with an age difference of 37 years!

Singer and composer Katsuhiko Miki, known for his hit songs such as “Moshimasareta PART II” (a duet with Sachiko Kobayashi), “Kaitaku-ban no Seishunsa” and “Hana wa Osotteika”, will be getting married for the fourth time.

What is more surprising is that his partner is Miki Kogure, a singer and lyricist 37 years his junior.

He said, “We had a concert in April this year, and I proposed to her there as a surprise. She wasn’t quite sure what was going on and was a bit confused, but she said yes.”

Miki says with a smile. After greeting her relatives and other related parties, the couple plans to officially register their marriage in the near future.

Miki even wrote a proposal song titled “Miracle Man” for the occasion. When Kogure heard about it, she said, “The song was different from what I had in mind.”

At first, I didn’t know what the teacher was doing (laughs). (Laughs.) But then I realized that he was proposing to me. He gave me an engagement ring, and I was honestly happy.

“He gave me an engagement ring, and I was honestly happy,” she said. Of course, she said “yes” to Miki’s proposal.

They met about eight years ago. I was introduced to her by a friend.

She was a new singer at the time, so she came to study with me. We had a ‘master-disciple’ relationship.

But I was separated from my ex-wife at the time, and I was at a low point both publicly and privately. Even so, she still followed me as my apprentice.

After that, their divorce was finalized. After a short time, they began dating.

When we started dating, I asked her if she was okay with me, but she said firmly, “Age difference has nothing to do with it.”

She is the complete opposite of the women I have dated in the past. I used to not listen to women, but that has changed since I started dating her. She looks at me objectively, and her advice is always right. She says things to me that people around me have a hard time saying, and I really appreciate that.

Miki told us about her charms. Ms.Kogure, on the other hand, is also very interested in him.

He’s famous and has a career, but he doesn’t act like a big shot. He has a heart like a boy.

So I don’t feel any age difference between us. I’m glad that he goes out with me to listen to my favorite music, go to restaurants, and whatever else I like.

I’m so smitten by him.

The song “Jinsei ichido da,” composed by Miki and lyrics by Kogure, has become a hot topic.

The song was composed by 27 members from the world of sports and comedy, as well as musicians, such as Akira Shimizu and Osamu Tanaka of “Nick Nusa,” former bicycle racer Koichi Nakano, and rakugo storyteller Sanyutei Koraku. The “Ge’s” unit was formed and participated in the production.

“Last October, Akira and I were golfing and we decided to show the world that the baby-boom generation is alive and well. Many of my friends agreed to join us, regardless of their record companies or offices.

Right now, with the COVID-19 crisis, there is really nothing but gloomy news in the entertainment and sports industries. But it is precisely in times like these that we must not look down.

Miki is taking on the challenge of energizing Japan through music, aiming to create “Ge-POP” that surpasses even J-POP.

They are so in love, This picture is taken during their anniversary!
Wearing matching down jackets…
With Mr. Osamu Tanaka of “Nick Nusa” who participated in Ge’s
Members of “Ge’s” who released “Jinsei ichido da.
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