A miraculous photo of a cat saying “Peek-a-boo”…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A miraculous photo of a cat saying “Peek-a-boo”…!

The latest work by the cat photographer of "Too Desperate to Be a Cat" and "Busa-Nyan" is hilarious!

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Masayuki Oki is a photographer specializing in cats who is very popular right now. He takes pictures of cats every day, capturing their movements and expressions that no one else can capture, and has produced a number of hit photo books, including “Too Desperate Cats” and “Busa-Nyan.

Mr. Oki has created a picture book using his photographs of cats. It is a picture book not only for children but also for adult cat lovers! That is “Inai Inai Nyaa”!

First of all, please enjoy what “Inai Inai Meow” is all about.
These are the first pictures of “Inai Inai Nyaa” that I could not include in the book!

Stand up, put your hands together in front of your face. …… Inai Inai
Let’s go!
What kind of children are doing their best? No, no, no.
Is he hiding? Is he embarrassed? No, no, no.
Two little tigers, look at me! I’m not here. I’m not here.
Nya Nya Nya

This is a picture book with many pictures of cats playing “I don’t know, I don’t know”.

Of course, they don’t really play “I’m not there”. I chose pictures of cats that look like they are doing it. In fact, this was the hardest part!

The pictures where they are playing “Iinae Iinae” are the ones where their faces are hidden, or they are hiding behind something, or they are looking back.

A “meow” photo is a photo of a cat with a face or pose that makes you laugh.

“In order for “I am not here, I am not there, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here, I am not here.

However, if there is a picture of “Iino Iino” but no “Nyaa (=baa)”, or if there is a picture of “Nyaa (=baa)” but no “Nyaa (=baa)”, or if there is a picture of “Nyaa (=baa)” but no

“In other words, even if I look at thousands of photos, I can only find one or two cases.

At first, I thought that if the pattern was the same, it could be another cat, or if it was the same cat in a different place, it would be fine, but if it was not in the same scene, there was no continuity and it did not look like it was doing “Ii-ii-nya” (=baa) at all.

This picture book contains the best shots selected from tens of thousands of cat photos taken over a period of about six months.

Please enjoy the “I’m not here, I’m not here, I’m not here” with the wild and open expression that only a Sotoneko can give!

Finally, I’d like to show you a special “I’m not here” photo that was not included in the picture book for this article! This photo is of the “ugly cute” cat “Inai Inai” that adorns the cover page of this picture book. In fact, I wanted to include this combination, but the face had such a strong impact that I cried and took it off the inside page for the cover.

Busa-nyan-senpai! I’ll decorate the cover! Come on, let’s have a good look.

Now, please try to “Iinai Iinai meow” with the cats!

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