Cabinet Reshuffle Focuses on the Departure of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara, Who Kicks Gaasyy & Mishiro to the Curb. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cabinet Reshuffle Focuses on the Departure of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara, Who Kicks Gaasyy & Mishiro to the Curb.

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Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara is being targeted by the House of Councillors’ Gershey, an exposé-style YouTuber. His departure from the Cabinet reshuffle is attracting attention…

There is a tremor within the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced his intention to reshuffle the cabinet and appoint new LDP officials on August 10. With the LDP winning the Upper House election and the former Unification Church issue as a backdrop, he will begin “consolidating ground” in a single stroke.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who had been a “thorn in Kishida’s side,” was killed by a bullet from Tetsuya Yamagami on August 8. There is no doubt that Prime Minister Kishida had admired the deceased, mourning him with red eyes.

However, in order to realize his own political philosophy as prime minister, he inevitably needed to reduce the influence of former Prime Minister Abe, who was the largest force in his party. One of these was the much-discussed personnel reshuffle at the Ministry of Defense prior to the election.

On July 1, Kazuhisa Shimada, the deputy secretary-general for defense affairs who served as secretary to the prime minister for six and a half years in the second Abe administration, retired from his post. He was replaced by Atsuo Suzuki, Director General of the Defense Equipment Agency.

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and former Prime Minister Abe were vehemently opposed to the “removal” of Shimada, who was originally scheduled to remain in his post. Nevertheless, Mr. Kishida pushed through with the appointment. It is said that the purpose was to pull Mr. Abe out of the national defense field, where he had a strong influence,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

It is said that Prime Minister Kishida’s plan was put into action by Shunichi Kurio and Seiji Kihara, both Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries. Kihara, in particular, has a “bad reputation” even outside of political circles. After winning the Upper House election, Garcie posted a YouTube video in which he said, “From now on, I’m going to expose people.

I’m the one who will expose him from now on. I have already gathered most of the information. He is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Kihara’s name was mentioned in the video. A person with behind-the-scenes knowledge said.

Kihara’s Achilles heel is his relationships with women. Last year, a weekly magazine reported that he had an illegitimate child. It is said that the Gyasi revelations may also be about women.

Toru Mishiro, president of Gentosha, also commented on social networking sites about Kihara

He said, “He is finished as a human being.

He said that Kihara was arrested in December of last year and sentenced to death. According to Mr. Mishiro, an acquaintance asked him to introduce Mr. Kihara to her last December, but he brushed her off, saying, “I’ll see you later. In addition, he said that he had not heard from him since then.

<He said that he had been having a lot of fun with the girls and singing drunkenly until after 3:00 a.m. He lost his cell phone, and the next morning there was a big commotion, and after a huge search, he finally came out of the restaurant.

he revealed. He then added

<He then added, “It really is just as Gyasi says. If such a person is in the center of the government, Japan is finished. I think he is a man who is only interested in young women, money, and power, and is only interested in upward mobility. I cannot support the Kishida administration with Kihara as deputy chief cabinet secretary.

Kihara is the deputy chief cabinet secretary.

Since Mr. Miki was a close friend of former Prime Minister Abe, we have to discount his “verbal attack” on Mr. Kihara, who is working to eliminate Abe’s faction. However, even within Nagata-cho, there is a rumor that Mr. Kihara is “trying to get to know Prime Minister Kishida.

He has succeeded in gaining Prime Minister Kishida’s favor, and is walking around with a look of self-importance. He is with Prime Minister Kishida, and he is giving the impression that he is a big shot. One Abe faction member declared, “Kihara is the only one I will not tolerate! There is a sense of disquiet even within the LDP,” said a political insider.

A source close to the political circles said, “Prime Minister Kishida will reshuffle his cabinet.

Prime Minister Kishida has stated that he would like to review the relationship with the former Unification Church before reshuffling his cabinet and appointing LDP officials, and would like to instruct them to review the relationship in an appropriate manner. He also said that if the religious group is involved in any illegal activities, the government will provide relief to the victims.

The statement was made in the midst of the controversy surrounding the “relationship” between the former Unification Church and the Abe faction. In other words, it is as if he is saying that the Abe faction will be further eliminated.

It is said that Kishida, Kihara, and others discussed this behind the scenes. The Abe faction, which had been a major force in the LDP, has now been disintegrated by the death of its leader, and there is a move to purge it at any moment.

In response to Kishida’s decisions, former Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto said on Fuji Television’s “Mezamashi 8.

I hear that Mr. Kishida often just says, ‘I’ll consider it,’ but he doesn’t make decisions very often. I think this cabinet reshuffle has demonstrated the power of a great politician.

I think that Mr. Kishida has demonstrated great statesmanship in the power relationship,” he said.

He said.

As they say, “The enemy of the LDP is the LDP,” and there seems to be an intense power struggle going on within the party at the moment.

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