Mr. Gershie vs. Hiroyuki: “His Wife is His Achilles Heel” Comment Leads to All-Out Confrontation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mr. Gershie vs. Hiroyuki: “His Wife is His Achilles Heel” Comment Leads to All-Out Confrontation

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Senator Gershie declares war on Hiroyuki. What will happen to the “battle” between two popular people on the Internet?

The topic of daily conversation on the Internet is Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” the founder of “2channel,” and Councilor Garcy, an exposé-style YouTube star who was first elected to the House of Councillors in July.

Currently, Hiroyuki lives in Paris, France, and Gershey in Dubai. However, in Japan, where they are not, their confrontation has become the talk of the town.

I feel there is a connection between the two of them,” said Mr. Gershey. Gershey spends almost every day in Dubai with his friend Rihiro Takahashi, the founder of FC2.

Mr. Takahashi and “Dwango Inc.” have been fighting in court since ’16 about the comment display function of videos. And Hiroyuki is also a founding member of Nico Nico Douga, which is operated by Dwango.

(Net media reporter) Like a proxy war between “FC2” and “Dwango,” Mr. Garcie and Mr. Hiroyuki began to fight on the Internet.

It all started when Hiroyuki took to Twitter and quoted an article about Gurthy’s ban from YouTube.

I don’t know why any client would want to advertise on a video where a fugitive fraudster is making money by slandering people…” he posted.

When we posted this, our friend Mr. Takahashi responded

I wonder how you put it. I would like you to consider this as an adult even if you are raising this issue.

He replied on Twitter. The rally between Hiroyuki and Takahashi continued after that.

On the evening of August 7, Mr. Gershie made a live broadcast from Dubai on the channel of Yuta Misaki, a.k.a. Prince Aojiru.

Prince Aojiru wrote the title “Prepared to Delete,” but in fact, he seemed to be very careful about what he said. However, around the halfway point, Mr. Garcie started ragging on Mr. Hiroyuki. Prince Aojiru was cool about it, saying, “No comment.” (Sports reporter)

Mr. Garcey said, “Unlike Hiroyuki, I don’t have to repay him.

Unlike Hiroyuki, I’ve paid back everything. He’s running away if he doesn’t pay back the money.

He made fun of Hiroyuki, who had been running away without paying damages from a civil suit in the past. He then added

I thought I would go to France and speak from this position (close to his face). I thought I could say everything I wanted to say.

He added, “You can bark as long as you can, but I’ll make sure you won’t be able to bark any longer.”

He added

Unlike me, he has a wife. He has an Achilles heel. If they attack him there, it will be the end for him, that’s for sure.

I’m sure you all know how I pack it in, but it’s a tough business. I’m not okay because I’m overseas. Even if they say I’m being blackmailed, I’m not in Japan, so they’ll say, “So what?” So what?”

He declared that he would fight Hiroyuki to the bitter end, regardless of whether or not he was being blackmailed. At this rate, the two are likely to go all-out against each other.

Mr. Gershwin, who is bold enough to say that even “slander” is freedom of speech, is aware of the possibility that he, too, could be subjected to such a situation. It seems that he believes that he is equal to others only if he is willing to bear the possibility of being attacked as well.

Hiroyuki is called the “king of debunking” by those around him, but he is also famous for his loving wife. All eyes are on him to see if he will be able to “debunk” Mr. Gurnsey.

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