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A Bubble Has Arrived? The Surprising Birth of New “Billionaire Women” in Kabukicho

The reality of Piena, as depicted by a writer who is currently a Keio University student. 4 years after Reiwa, Kabukicho is now ...... No.24

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A new “billionaire woman” was born in a Kabukicho cabaret club. A “billionaire woman” is a cabaret girl who sells more than 100 million yen a month. The original billionaire woman was Hibiki Ichijo, who published a book last March and attracted a lot of attention, but this new billionaire woman is Tina Hoshino, who works at the same cabaret club “Forty Five” as Ichijo in Kabukicho. This is a prestigious establishment that has produced such charismatic girls as Emiri Aizawa, who worked as both a cabaret hostess and president of a company.

The way Kabukicho hosts and cabaret girls earn their money seems to be changing.

Tina Hoshino is just 21 years old. She achieved sales of 60 million yen in May after less than a year in the cabaret business. And in June, she made over 100 million yen by building a 50 million yen champagne tower at her birthday event.

Even if they do not reach the level of billionaire girls, the number of cabaret girls who make more than 10 million yen a month is increasing. Why is it that only cabaret girls are doing so well when the world is in a recession?

It seems that their sales are supported by some fat customers. Emma (a pseudonym, 22), who has been working as a cabaret girl for two years, says, “These are the old men who are the biggest customers.

The jobs of these big customers are a mystery to me, to be honest. Many of them claim to be the president of an investment company or the president of a real estate agency, but I don’t know if they really are. Surprisingly, the ones who are like the president of a venture business venture aren’t fat clients.”

Many of the customers who spend large sums of money on cabaret club girls also use “cabaret crazy” accounts on social networking sites to share their stories with cabaret girls and the aesthetics of their cabaret club attendance. There was a time when the company of an old man who spent more than 100 million yen on a cabaret girl in a few days became unable to withdraw cash at that time, causing a stir in the neighborhood. Now that such fat customers are appearing, it is said that “it is more important to get stuck with the fat customers than to polish one’s appearance and customer service to be popular with everyone.

Host clubs, on the other hand, also need to have a certain number of “fat customers. In the case of host clubs, the clientele is quite different from that of cabarets when more than half of the customers are girls who earn money from their night jobs. From there, the charismatic ones exceed 3 million yen, and the strong ones who engage in daddy’s business or go to overseas soap operas enter the world line of over 5 million yen, which is the zigzag hierarchy.

However, there are also a certain number of customers such as business owners, young ladies, and mysterious madams. These women spend many times the amount of money as easily as the girls who work hard every day in the nightclubs.

One famous host’s biggest customer is a married charismatic Instagrammer. The host, who “doesn’t want any other customers,” refers to his fat client as his “girlfriend” on Instagram, and shows his friendship with her by giving her matching Bvlgari accessories as gifts.

His sales have jumped with the appearance of the extremely large customer, topping 50 million yen in June and exceeding 100 million yen in sales this year at this point. It is said that the renewal of the highest sales of the host club this year depends on him.

However, against the backdrop of such a bubble, many of them are suffering from debt hell. There are more hosts than cabaret girls who are willing to pay out of their own pocket for the title of “number one. There are even popular hosts who can’t afford to pay their water bills,” said a Kabukicho insider.

What are the “real” cabaret girls and hosts in the age of Reiwa, who can make a number with just one big customer?

Sasaki Chihuahua
Born in Tokyo in 2000.
After attending an integrated school in Tokyo from elementary school to high school, she went on to Keio University.
He has been going to Kabukicho since he was 15 years old and has a wide range of personal connections.
At university, he is studying the sociology of downtown areas including Kabukicho.
His book, ” Pien” to shakai” (“The Disease of ‘Pien’: Consumption and Approval of the SNS Generation”), is now on sale.

From the July 29 and August 5, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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