Hiccorohee attracts attention with the exit of Takehiro Kimoto, Don of Shochiku Entertainment “TKO | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiccorohee attracts attention with the exit of Takehiro Kimoto, Don of Shochiku Entertainment “TKO

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Hiccorohee, now one of Shochiku Engei’s “signatures,” is highly regarded in the industry for his calm analysis of TKO Kimoto.

The “huge investment trouble” of Takehiro Kimoto of the comedy duo “TKO” has drawn attention to the long-established entertainment production company “Shochiku Entertainment.

Shochiku Entertainment is one of the oldest comedy companies in the Kansai region, ranking alongside Yoshimoto Kogyo in the comedy industry.

The company has a long history in the comedy industry. Led by business partner Shofukutei Tsurube, its members include “Yoiko,” “Masuda Okada,” “Yasuda Dai Circus,” and Hiccorohee. Unlike the flamboyant Yoshimoto, Shochiku Entertainments seems to have built up its reputation steadily, and its reputation within the industry is not bad.

However, Kimoto’s case has brought interest in the mysterious inner workings of Shochiku Entertainments.

For example, Minamikaga, a comedian belonging to Shochiku, appeared on TV Tokyo’s “Here and There Audrey,” which aired on July 27. He is called “Shochiku no Garcy,” and in the broadcast, Minamikawa’s wife was called “too talented,” and he made a bombshell remark to his company, Shochiku Entertainments, saying that it was only a matter of time before it was over.

MC Toshiaki Kasuga of “Audrey” panicked and said, “Of course not!

But Minakawa was not so sure.

but Minamikawa said, “I have a room to lecture Shochiku Enterprises.

Minamikawa said, “Shochiku Entertainments has a lecture room.
“It’s the type of office that embezzles money.

Minamikawa did not stop saying, “Shochiku Entertainment has a lecture room.

Minamikawa also appeared on Chihara Jr.’s YouTube channel in May, saying, “Shochiku Entertainment is a top company.

Kimoto is the head of Shochiku Entertainments. At Kakuza (Shinsaibashi) in Osaka, TKO-san was there, and there were junior members.

In terms of Shochiku’s public morals, Mr. Kimoto is the doyen of the company.

He confessed. In terms of a pecking order, TKO was at the top, and below him were

The composition of the group was as follows: “America Zarigani” and “Yasuda Dai Circus” were at the top, and “Minamikawara” was at the bottom.

The successful Yoiko and Tsurube, the “icon” of Shochiku, are in a different group.

Okada (Keiichi) is not interested in his juniors. Not in a bad way, but he is only interested in himself.

He is only interested in himself. It seems that Kimoto had been trying to tighten up Shochiku Entertainments for many years, but in recent years, the company has become more rounded.

But in recent years, he has rounded out the company, and now Shochiku Entertainment is in disarray.

However, in recent years, the company has become more open, and now Shochiku is in disarray,” he said.

He also mentioned the distribution of fees between the office and the comedians. When Chihara Jr. asked Minamikawa, “Are you sure? Minamikawa replied.

Minamikawa replied, “It’s gotten better. Thanks to Yoshimoto-san. The problems with the black market and “Saraba Seishun no Hikari” changed things.

After Saraba quit and sold well, the black market problem arose, and I thought that if things continued as they were, we would be in trouble, so Shochiku changed the percentage of the fee.”

He confessed that he had been the reigning Don of Shochiku.

With the “exit” of TKO, the reigning Don of Shochiku, the battle for supremacy in the future will be closely watched. In terms of the pecking order, it would be the aforementioned “America Zarigani” and “Yasuda Dai Circus,” but according to a source in the entertainment industry

According to a source in the entertainment industry, “It is the female comedian Hiccorohee that is attracting the most attention.

According to a source in the entertainment industry, “It is the female comedian Hiko Lohi who is attracting attention.

Hiccorohee’s success is “the biggest mystery” in the Shochiku entertainment industry. The aforementioned Minamikawa also commented in a video

All the other comedians were upset (when Hiccorohee sold). They said, “Why? Why?

The only thing I can mention is that the scheme that made him successful is Shochiku-specific.

The only thing I can mention is that he left the pyramid peculiar to Shochiku early. After the revelation of Kimoto’s investment troubles, Hiccorohee’s past comments became a topic of conversation. In a March 2011 broadcast of Kansai Television’s “Marco Porori! on Kansai Television last March, he said of Kimoto

He was talking to his junior comedians in a smug manner, saying things like, “What sells is…” and “What a comedian is…” However, Kimoto-san and Yoshimoto-san were not the same. But when Kimoto-san is with Yoshimoto’s people, he gets along very well with them and is very goofy.

He was blunt.

He is always blowing us off, but when the camera rolls and he is with Yoshimoto-san and others, he intentionally crosses his shoulders and smiles, giving the impression that he is a “conduit” to Yoshimoto-san. I think it’s very disgraceful.

He revealed that he had entered the Tokyo market because he disliked it. A person involved in the comedy industry said, “Hiko Lohi is also a member of Kimoto.

Hiccorohee is also indebted to Kimoto. Even so, he can give a tongue-in-cheek talk depending on the occasion.

In the future, comedians like Hiccorohee, who are outside of Shochiku’s rigid pecking order pyramid, will probably become mainstream. I hear some people say that now that TKO is gone, they don’t have to worry about being weird anymore.

He adds, “I think the current situation is a result of the change in Shochiku Entertainment.

Shochiku Entertainments is in a state of upheaval. Who will be the next to get a break?

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