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Do you want to take a walk? Don’t you want to? A surprisingly simple reason for “Shiba Inu Aru”.

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The Shiba Inu has been in its current form for more than 10,000 years. The Shiba Inu is a “living cultural asset.

When he is not in the mood, he pretends not to hear his owner’s calls. They refuse to do anything they don’t want to do, and will even stop walking halfway through a walk. He is such a stubborn Shiba Inu. He sometimes prefers to be alone, which makes him a little different from Western dogs.

It is true that Shiba Inus are a little different from Western dogs. Many Western dogs have been bred to live closely with humans, but Shiba Inus have not been improved in this way. And Shiba Inus have only been kept in the house since the last 20 years or so. It is also because of this that Shiba Inus have only been kept in the house for about 20 years. Because of this, it is thought that Shiba Inus do not always come into contact with people and are not as likely to be spoiled by them as Western dogs are.

This is according to Takaaki Fukuyama, who teaches animal behavior at the Yamazaki College of Animal Health and Nursing.

The Shiba Inu, which has lived in Japan for more than 10,000 years and has not been modified in the slightest during that time, is designated as a natural treasure and is even called a “living cultural asset.

  • They have a little bit of wildness left in them, so they are very self-possessed. A dog that runs up to you when you call it, wagging its tail, is cute, but a dog that is not so cute is a dog that is not so cute.
  • <But they also seem to have their own personality, and that’s what’s so good about them.
  • says the owners.
Refusing to walk on foot during a walk. Is he trying to get his owner’s attention, or is he just tired? Or…

The reason why they refuse to walk…

But still, dogs are supposed to like walking. Why does he stop walking? Is this another way of pacing yourself?

Dogs are land mammals that can travel the longest distances in the shortest amount of time, and their body structure is designed to move.

Moreover, dogs are said to be inhabitants of the world of smell, and sniffing is a very important means of gathering and exchanging information. The smell of pee can tell the sex of a dog, and contains much more information than we can imagine.

Peeing on a telephone pole is like a message board for dogs. It is very important to go out for a walk and receive this kind of information.

So why do they refuse to go for a walk?

There are many possible reasons. Sometimes they stop because they want to be bothered by their owners, and sometimes they stop because they want a treat. Or maybe they don’t want to walk because it’s too hot.”

Shiba Inus have a double coat, which means they have long, hard hair on the outside called the upper coat and short, soft hair on the inside called the lower coat. If they neglect brushing and the lower coat is not removed, they will look like they are wearing an overcoat even in summer. The basic rule is to brush them well and go for walks at cooler times.

There is another reason why they get hot. Because they are overweight and their bodies heat up. This is the only way to lose weight.

It could also be that they don’t feel good outside.”

Until they are about 12 weeks old, it is an important time for them to become accustomed to society. In addition to training them to eat and use the bathroom, it is necessary to take them outside to interact with other dogs, animals, and many people to get them accustomed to the city.

Dogs have a “socialization period” during which they become accustomed to society, and how they spend this period, which lasts until about 12 weeks of age, is very important.

Dogs are vaccinated several times between birth and around four months of age, but the most common mistake is to keep dogs inside the house only, thinking that they should not be allowed outside at all until the vaccinations are completed.

If they are not exposed to the outside world during their socialization period, they become more fearful of the outside world than interested in it, and they stop liking to go out (for walks).

For these cats, it is a good idea to teach them that going for a walk can be fun by giving them treats when they go for a walk.

And there is one more reason why they don’t want to walk.

Pain. Many Shiba Inus that do not want to walk may be in pain. If your Shiba does not move much even when you are at home, or if your Shiba is sleeping all the time, we recommend that you consult with a doctor.

This is no time to be laughing and saying, “My dog doesn’t walk!

When turned on, they become aggressive. This is another example of a Shiba dog’s behavior.

When they meet someone they like on a walk, they are so happy that they show their stomachs, but if they meet someone they don’t like, they don’t even stop to talk to them. Naturally, the owner also tries to avoid as much as possible what the Shiba Inu does not like. That is love for the Shiba Inu. But then

But there seems to be another reason,” says Fukuyama.

Fukuyama says, “There are other reasons, too.

They are usually quiet, but once they get turned on, they can be like a bird in the jungle, screaming and crying and acting aggressive.

  • <Oh, yes, there is such a thing. My dog hates nail clippers. When I try to cut her nails, she panics.
  • <My dog screams when the vet tries to put a stethoscope on her.

Apparently, this is a common Shiba Inu trait.

Shiba Inu are very dramatic in their rejection of things they don’t like. That’s one of the reasons why owners are so sensitive to their dogs’ likes and dislikes.

Shiba Inus are not the only ones who dislike going for walks. Chihuahuas sometimes don’t like it either.

There are many dogs, both very small and very large, that don’t like to be walked.

Dogs, by nature, love to move around and explore. They are happy only when they are running around energetically.

Of course, there are Shiba Inus that love to go for walks.

People often say that different breeds of dogs have different personalities, but that is the same as saying that different races have different personalities. Even if they are the same breed, they are greatly influenced by the environment in which they were raised and the nature of their parents’ dogs.

Shiba Inus have distinct likes and dislikes, and they may only come to their owners when they feel like it, but the degree to which this is the case also differs from dog to dog.

Although it can be annoying at times, owners are unanimous.

<My dog is the cutest! >The dog is the cutest!

If the owner thinks it’s cute, of course it is. If the owner thinks it is cute, then of course it is OK. If the owner thinks it’s cute, of course it’s OK. However, please be careful when she doesn’t walk. Perhaps there is a pain somewhere in the body.

Takaaki Fukuyama, Associate Professor at Yamazaki Veterinary Nursing College. He is an expert on pets. While teaching at a university, he launched and commercialized a disaster prevention bag project for pets out of a desire to “reduce the number of unfortunate dogs, even if only one. Author of “Basic Techniques for Trimmers” (Midori-shobo), “Shiba Inu no Himitsu” (Secrets of Shiba Inu) (Yama-kei Publishers), and “Bright Old Dog Life: 12 Things You Can Do Starting Today Without Trying Too Hard” (Bunichi Sogo Publishing).

  • Interview and text by Izumi Nakagawa Photo Afro

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