City Councilor Mika Yoshiba Suspected of Fraud, Hosted Mixed Martial Arts RIZIN, “Another Face” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

City Councilor Mika Yoshiba Suspected of Fraud, Hosted Mixed Martial Arts RIZIN, “Another Face”

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Suspect Mika Yoshiba pictured with Bobby Ologon, who is also a martial artist (from official Instagram).

Potential organizes the RIZIN TRIGGER series with DFWW.

The person whose face is proudly displayed on Instagram as the CEO of this “Potential” company. It is the suspect, Mika Yoshiba, a Neyagawa City Council member who was recently arrested by Fukuoka police in a fraud case involving a financing system for the new Corona.

She held a financing seminar and said, “If you go through me, you can get unsecured loans.

She held loan seminars and falsely told people that they could get unsecured, interest-free loans if they went through her.

She is suspected of defrauding a welfare facility in Sakai City, Osaka, of money.

It is believed that he received a total of more than 1 billion yen in the form of business consignment fees from medical institutions,” said an investigator.

The suspect, Yoshiba, had “another face.

He is said to be a sponsor of the mixed martial arts tournament “RIZIN It was said that he was a sponsor of the mixed martial arts “RIZIN TRIGGER”. In a photo taken at one of the weigh-ins, dozens of fighters were in the photo, and the representative, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, was in the center of the photo. In the center of the picture is the representative, Mr. Nobuyuki Sakakibara, and right next to him is the suspect, Mr. Yoshiba.

All fighters have cleared the weigh-in! Tomorrow! Let’s go to battle!

The comment “All fighters have cleared the weigh-ins!

The Instagram also shows a photo of Yoshiba with Koji, rapper Karma Rofu, and Bobby Ologun. He has the appearance of a successful president.

The suspect Yoshiba had been absent from the assembly since May of this year. However, his Instagram was updated until July 20.

If he was supporting RIZIN’s matches with the money he made from the scam, it would be a big problem. Even so, RIZIN’s Mr. Sakakibara has been in trouble because of the audio report of his “connection with anti-social organizations. Where did he get the money from? Regardless of where the money came from, if a fraudster was involved, it would be a further cause for concern. The suspect is a man who has known Yoshiba for a long time.

We also interviewed a person who has known Yoshiba for a long time.

Yoshiba’s brother used to work for a major advertising agency and is now the president of a virtual currency business. He is a successful businessman who has been featured in Forbes. Yoshiba also owns another company, and his brother’s name is on the board of directors.

Wasn’t he wondering why his sister, who is a city councilor, has so much money? In the past few years, a yellow Mercedes Benz and other luxury cars were parked at his house in Neyagawa City and Korien. You also bought a townhouse in front of the station. “Is being a city councilor that lucrative?” I always wondered…”

Speaking of Yoshiba, he promoted the virtual currency TOS on his blog in ’17. He claimed to have lifted the ban on information on the involvement of Samsung and Toyota, but this turned out to be complete nonsense, and criticism poured in. He immediately deleted his blog.

Had he been striving to “make money” since that time? In any case, a full investigation of the fraud case is needed.

Official Instagram of the company of which Yoshiba is the CEO. Posts related to martial arts…
Yoshiba with popular rapper Karma Rofu and others (from official Instagram).
Yoshiba with popular martial artist Koji (from official Instagram)

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